Mountain Royal Architecture Set

I enjoy playing the new civs and all, especially the Persian rework, but I am still disappointed at a couple things:

Why are the Georgians and Armenians use Mediterranean architecture rather than a new architecture set? They could have used a brand new building set, or at least use Eastern European set or something else. Is there any historical references of Caucasus kingdoms using Mediterranean architecture?

Same as for Persians. Many were hoping that the Persians have Central Asian set like Cumans and Tatars, but the fact that they still use the same old Middle East disappoints a lot of people. The very least we could have is a new model for a Persian castle.

Still, I am glad they at least have new models for monasteries (or I should say Fortified Churches) and Castles.

People hoped to see new building sets, but instead we still have old sets. I wonder if it’s that hard to change building sets.


Caucasus architecture is rocky, like the Mediterranean one (with some oriental influence). Eastern European architecture doesn’t fit them at all and it’s a geographic misinterpretation to categorize Armenia and Georgia in Eastern Europe. They have more in common with the Byzantine Empire than with the slavs, especially during the middle ages.
I would say introducing unique castles and monastery is quite clever actually.
I agree with the central Asian architecture set for Persians.


They’re not Eastern European set for sure, but the Med set looks equally wrong, especially in later ages.

Actually after DE came out, I realised I ever much preferred Byzantines with the old Mid-Eastern architecture, aside from having Mosques, the rococo type imperial renaissance Italian buildings look super wrong for them.

Basically I think there should be an East-Med set for Byz/Armenia/Georgia/Bulgaria, midway between the Saracen/Med ones now.

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I agree it would be nice to get rid the byzantines of this Renaissance church. Caucasian monastery gives me hope.


I am also currently replaying the scenarios of campaigns, that I not played until now. It is a lot of fun to be able to immerse yourself in the game own world.

But I agree, specific architecture sets or at least specific castles for all civs would be a real asset. The Mediterranean (8!), the East European (6!) and the East Asian (5!) sets are the most overloaded sets, we really need splits here.