Move Camel Armor Aura back to Feudal

Before they restructured the techs in the house of wisdom, military wing had the camel armor aura tech available in feudal. I main Abbasid and was disappointed about this, since the new feudal tech is a very lackluster +15% hp on infantry. But the armor aura sometimes felt OP so I understand. They changed some stats on camel archers and called them buffed, yet resources are better spent on plain archers. I literally never make camel archer anymore.

I think having the camel armor aura available in feudal was good because it made camels immediately relevant to the player. Now they’re only situationally useful. I don’t even go military wing anymore because it sucks now compared to the others. The additional HP that the feudal military wing gives is less than you’d get from aging up and just upgrading the unit.

Ok, biggest reason we need armor aura back in feudal tho is because Abbasid has no feudal counter for MAA. Only thing we have now in feudal is the camel archer with no armor pen, and the infantry hp buff if choosing military wing. For archers that’s +10 hp and 10-13 for spearmen. I’m not going to continue the math but it should be obvious to any player that MAA easily overpower Abbasid in feudal now.

Someone said other non-MAA civs have production bonuses in feudal that allow for a quantity vs quality balance against MAA. Abbasid doesn’t have anything that helps production until the military academy tech in castle age, which most civs also have. We need a counter to MAA in feudal, the armor buff was it, and I think people just forgot as they were rearranging the techs. The +15% hp buff should be moved back to imperial, when the infantry actually have larger health pools to make it good.

You should never go military wing in feudal - fresh foodstuff is just better, especially if you doing 2 TC opening, which is the best Abbasid opening.

Camel Archers are hard counter to feudal MAA and Burgrave Castle Age MAA. I have a close to 100% winrate against Burgrave openings where HRE goes Fastle Castle into Burgrave and try to kill you with castle Age MAA while you are still in feudal.

Just go 2 TC (close to each other), add a few towers and make camel archers from 2 archery ranges. Kite back with the Camel Archers and you will basically not even lose any hitpoints on your Camel Archers. Meanwhile you are double producing villagers while his economy is nothing.

Feudal MAA are even easier to deal with. Mass Archers works with basic kiting, but Camel Archers are a better solution. Just kite and collect your free win.

Men at arms are very easy to deal when you have access to Camel Archers. In late castle age when the Men at Arms numbers get very high you need mass crossbows, but before that Camel Archers works excellent.

I find going for Camelarchers + Horsemen immensly viable against burgermen and general feudal maa.

Horsemen counter the only “danger” to camels, which is archers, and horsemens are quite tonky against maa.
DPS mainly comes from the insane base-damage camel archers have.
Also it provokes the opponent to start spamming Spearmen which camel archers just obliterate even faster.

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There is another thread going on about nerfing fresh food stuff and reasonably so given the alternatives are bleak by comparison on land maps. (I’d prefer a 30% off instead of 50%). Regardless like many have already states non fresh food openings on land maps was never a thing.

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