Move tc building to age3, increase vill production time

I like sea maps in general, but its true that losing sea battle usually big disadvantage. I think the issue with that is that there aren’t enough defensive option on land to fight ships during age 2. They would need better defenses, maybe the docks doing more damage to ships or allowing you to garrison much more fishing ships inside a dock. The dock arrowlist upgrade is also way too expensive.

We need more aggression options however… the devs wants games to go the distances in order to make use of all the ages and techs. If aggression is too strong then all games become feudal all-in.

So far only mongols english and ottoman have dark age options for viable aggression. In feudal only English, now abbasid (good thing), mongols, delhi, otto, french have optimal aggression tactics. Everyone else are optimal boomers!!! So optimal are the boomer civs that only mongols (which has an aggression into trade option) and ottoman (overwhelming strong open land feudal aggression…so much so they got nerfed and are still top of the 1v1 open land maps win rates) can compete with the boomer civs at high level.

I suggest a buff to the ram. Make rams build in 25s. However rams need a counter so give springalds extra dmg vs them. Springalds should be able to 4 shot a ram. Same with melee should have bonus dmg vs siege.

In the complete opposite direction. If devs like the expansion oriented gameplay then ALL civs need viable boom mechs. At the bottom of the boomers are delhi english hre otto mali and french.

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Rus has lancers in age 2 no ? And HRE have MAA, i think they are great age 2. (you dont need to take the cathedral for age 3 if you dont rush castle).
So that would be 8/10 civ having good age 2. I think that’s pretty good. So only mali and china dont ?

My 2 favorite civs are French and HRE, and i do a lot of age 2 boom with french and age 2 rush with HRE maa. I think it works great depending on how you adapt after it.

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Your 1st point is, what I also recommended :slight_smile:
Tc fire is way too strong, especially against light units.
That’s why feudal pressure only tickles, except when knights raid you.

If tc fire would be reduced in damage vs llight units AND building additional tcs was moved to age3, there would be way more diverse play.
Going naked fast castle would be way riskier, as the tc offered less defensive power.
At the same time you’d get access to age3 units, techs and more tcs.
So there would be some real counterplay, scouting and anticipation happening.
Matches would be more about strategy than just executing same lame boring build all the time.
If someone ages up naked, you can really just go all in.
If someone stays too long in feudeal, he misses out on age3 advantages and more tcs.
It comes down to scouting and quick decisions.

Sadly I see almost no hope for such change.
The team is not willing to overwork their game drastically to give more value to it.
Better add more half-baked content and civs to get more casuals in to sell more copies of the game and then let it die.

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Win rates present a different story. Hre has one of the worse win rates in 1v1 ar diamond and above. Mainly bc archan chapel is the only viable feudal landmark outside niche timings. And chapel bonus falls off once close natural run out which forces early farm investment to maintain the landmark bonus, an investment that’s not going into military.

Creativity? apparently you like being an uneducated person who speaks in subcontexts, without a minimum of dignity in thinking that others are not up to your level, every message from you says that the game is not good, which I absolutely do not believe, surely it has some flaws, but it’s far from dogshit, if you enjoy entering the forum and feeling superior to the others, I think you need to do an analysis of conscience, when I said that the Abbasids would go eco wing, I meant that and’ very advantageous, compared to other civilizations, so instead of doing like now that you go military wings instead of eco, to not have to build barracks and save wood, people would prefer to go eco wings, to have many more villagers, what is much more advantageous to have a very fast tc in 2 age was, than having to wait for 3, for nothing, instead of having 2 spear and 2 acrer,
at this moment, Military wings is convenient, because the tc can be done even without the eco.

This is very very bad idea civs with knight,man at arms,longbow destroys ever civ

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Then maybe make the arrow slots for additional TC’s an upgrade option? That way building TC’s would increase strategic depth as you first need to scout what your opponents doing. Then when placing the TC you need to scout again if your opponent has army nearby or plans an attack on the TC, then scout again if he has gone or is going for siege engineering etc. The opponent also needs to scout alot and check whether you went for arrow slots or if you went for additional towers, army to protect the extra TC. Main effort would be on the player that’s building the TC though, which makes extra TC’s a strategy with a higher skill ceiling that can be mastered.

I have no intention of removing extra TC’s from feudal age but keep it as a viable strats. With an extra TC arrow slots upgrade option you could decide between a rush - turtle - boom playstyle and change quite quickly when the situation demands a change. As of now an extra TC means turtle and boom at the same time which lacks strategic depth.

I think moving TCs to age 3 is way too drastic change.

I do have a few suggestions though

  • firstly reduce the garrison capacity from 10 to 8 villagers in the second TC. I think that would be a good change overall.

  • next they could increase the time it takes to build stuff using multiple villagers or do the aoe3 approach and limit the amount of villagers that can be tasked to build something to a max of 8 villagers per building.

However, if that is done, civs that usually play in one base should probably be adjusted as well.

Yeah pretty much, shooting tcs have to be upgrade.

Would be even better if archers only can go there so at least you can invest in something, putting vills back is too easy and not punishing.

Also if you want to go more defensive , will be good to have have upgrade for extra towers which will become more and more expensive.

Maximum 4 with building time around 1 min.

Maybe abbasid can have something unique if they open with some economy wing.

if the Docks cost more it would be different

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i dont think so , if do these change,abs and cn is hard to play、
and actually i think its still have way to limit 2 tc boom in age2
like control their out side food area or knigt hit and run。