MP Lobby No Option to Search

Game Version:

  • Build 36211
  • Platform: Steam


With the recent update to the game there is now a Game I.D. for each unranked game, however since there is no search option in the game lobby, players cannot search for a friend’s lobby as a work-around for not seeing the lobby on the list.

The AoE: DE lobby browser and game lobby used to be like the current AoE II: DE lobby browser, except for the Game I.D. search option, before the Steam crossplay release. Please undo the multiplayer lobby browser and game lobby changes so they are just as useable with AoE: DE crossplay as they were with the old AoE: DE Microsoft Store client and the AoE II: DE crossplay client.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Click to view the multiplayer lobby browser.
  2. Observe no search option on the lobby browser.
  3. Create a new unranked multiplayer game and see that Game I.D. is shown and can by copied.

AoE: DE Lobby Browser w/o Search

AoE II: DE Lobby Browser w/Search

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This bug is still present in update 38862.

This bug is still present in update 46777.