MS Store not picking up patch 8324

Anybody else unable to pick up the patch?? Any pointers?

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Yep, there are several posts about it in the main patch thread. I’m on Windows 11, don’t know if it’s specific to that, but definitely missing from the MS Store and the Xbox App versions so far.

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This has been a long-time problem for MS store users of other age games. You need a steam copy for the premium patch experience. Sucks. I’m in the same boat as you.

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Thank you guys for the updates. I guess we’ll have to wait for Microsoft to start treating us properly, us money-spenders of THEIR platform. :frowning:

Give money to someone else and Microsoft treats you well, go figure.

The update is available on the microsoft store, it’s good :wink:

Speak for yourself. Been refreshing every 5 minutes, still nothing. Tried restarting the PC a couple times, nothing. Even uninstalled and re-installed the entire game on my Gigabit connection. Nothing.

Not for me. Still not showing up.

I just canceled game pass. I solved my problem for forever :slight_smile:

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i got the HDR pack updated, but the main game is yet to update. i keep clicking the get updates button, but nothing happens. i reset the app from control panel still nothing. i dont want to uninstall and reinstall it . its too big to download.

its updating now after i restarted

i know right, steam never has this problem and the update download sizes are much much smaller. unfortunately this is the only game i play and i bought it from windows store. so i’ll have to just do this circus everytime a new update comes along.


Giant fronts that get hit by large numbers of users have a ton of cache servers to help better serve people.

The time it takes for an update to show up on any specific store front is impacted by how often cache servers get updated and how long it takes to get the updates to them; time that generally is not the same for all of the cache servers.

The result is that different services can take different amounts of time for updates to show up even if you mark your update live on all the services at the same time, and some users can see the update before others depending on which cache server they happen to have been connected to.

It sounds like the MS store does not propagate data as quickly as something like Steam, but the store also likely carries significantly more products overall while also being a smaller percentage of Microsoft’s total revenue vs how much of Valve’s revenue comes from Steam.

I was just able to update via Microsoft store! I checked for windows update, installed a small update, restarted and went to microsoft store and clicked the update button in the microsoft store. Installing it now!

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UPDATE: I restarted the PC because the Nahimic app had a pending restart. After the restart the update appeared. I do have to tell you, avid reader, that this may very well not work for you. Apologies if it doesn’t help.

The update wasn’t showing up in the Xbox app, so I opened MS Store, clicked on Library, and it was there as a link back to Xbox.