Muddy textures take away all immersion from game, when it's gonna be fixed?

Just open few streams and so much things still not fixed, like:

  • Where is animation on some building (chickens, horses), if this is some design decision I don’t like it.
  • Muddy textures on some building and grain (even when camera far away)

I definitely going to buy AOE4, because it’s still a new game, and this price isn’t a big deal for me, but will I play it right now is a big question.

I also want answers from devs when they fix basic graphic issues and how much time I should wait for this.

The chickens are actually statues of chickens so they aren’t supposed to move. But that’s OK because real life ancient town centers had chicken statues.


Stable also have statue horse, every thing is normal.

Like the trailler show down, every units is a chess pion.

The units animation may have been a mistake, but do not worry, i should be soon fixed in gold.