Multi- drop functionality

This is a request for for units that are grouped and have a shared hotkey for special ability (aka scout dropping deer and monk units doing all relic related mechanics); to do the hotkey action ONE BY ONE.

For example a group of scouts with deer carcasses need to have the ability to drop ONE carcass per HOTKEY click. This would allow to actually spread carcass around the drop point instead of all the carcasses stacking on each other and becoming a huge problem for villagers to gather.

Another example if I have a group monk units that each have a relic; if I click for the monks to do mass conversion ONLY ONE SHOULD GO OFF per hotkey click (not all …)

Similarly but not exactly the same thing… SPECIFICALLY for building FARMS, farmers should stop the building que and immediately start gathering rather than build alll the farms before a single villager begins farming.

Right now, AoE4 does not allow cloning because units of the same type are grouped into a single icon when selected. I understand the choice from the point of view for a concise UI. I would suggest at least adding an Expand button once more than one of a certain type of unit is selected which expands all the units (add tabs if there are too many units, perhaps). This would allow the players to deselect a specific unit from the group, so that we can save low health units, and copy commands to units like villagers, monks, springalds, etc. With this, selecting X number of villagers will be much easier, which alone will make the game experience much more enjoyable.