Multiplayer and AI tips

The game has been recreated incredibly.
-It would be great if at the end of the games, an opponent can offer his surrender and the player decides to accept it or not. It is a disappointment to create a huge army, to start an attack and for the opponent to surrender and not be able to end the war.
-loa surrender could offer a mercy by offering resources or not
-The games with 400 or 500 population are great and epic. it could be considered higher resources and houses that add 10 and not 5 population.

The offer surrender option in multiplayer wont work. i mean, the guy could simply disconnect and move on if you said “no i kill u lol”.
As for single player, its cool to kill a hopeless AI with no resources or army. I agree with the AOE3 AI offering surrender, just to make the job easier, and you can accept it or not.
The resource stuff is a nice idea for ffa. I mean, you spend a lot of time to defeat the guy and what you get? some random farms and a forest half chopped, no loot or anything.
10 pop house could mess the early game, maybe? i fell thats ok if everyone gets it, and if civs like incas and chinese gets an equivalent buff to tc and house population.