Multiplayer Ban Handling Transparency

So I have never really had to deal with any significant multiplayer ban beyond the occasional game crash followed by a 5 minute ban kinda thing (which let’s be honest is pretty terrible, to have a system that automatically punishes players for experiencing bugs in the game…), but I have seen other players deal with more serious bans that have no information whatsoever as to the reason. This brings up the topic of transparency. To not show the reason for a multiplayer ban is one of two things, either a silly oversight, or outright cowardice. For heavy handed actions like that, a reason needs to be provided, especially when it is something other than the standard auto ban for too many disconnections. If the reason is “We received X number of reports in X number of hours, but rather than actually look at them and confirm legitimacy we just auto ban,” then whatever, we can have the discussion about how dumb any particular ban strategy is after we get transparency.

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