Multiplayer Engagement

Hearing about this “new” game it kinda reminded me of Age of Empires Online. So it go me thinking on how this game Multiplayer would be. The, let’s call it “normal” AoE’s MP was just about fighting, which is awsome, but the AoEO also brought some new ways that we could play with our friends, a little more casual, like the Co-Op quests. I think this game could bring that back up to some point. I don’t mean the incessive grinding, but we could be able do do some Co-Op with our frinds, other then 2vs2 against other players or AI. Just like the Campaing, but also some very hard maps.

Anyone agrees or is it just a single minded wish?

Co-op campaigns? I’m personally not that interested cuz I find the AI not-interesting to fight against.

Based on what we know about the game, the Multiplayer will be utilizing Windows LIVE, so multiplayer with friends is definitely encouraged.
AoEO had a lot of great social aspects, however AoE: Definitive Edition is more of a remaster of the original AoE than a new game.

Current Known Changes:

  • Updated UHD graphics
  • Multiplayer Balance
  • Enhanced gameplay and narration
  • New updated sound effects

I think a good idea for adding single player/co-op missions would be to add a wave/zombie mode.

I agree on the wave mode, but no Zombies please xD

@“JaD your Gawd” said:
I think a good idea for adding single player/co-op missions would be to add a wave/zombie mode.

Is it like a spot on the map where more and more enemy spawns in like every 5 minutes?
Isn’t AI doing the same thing by attacking you?

Hopefully we see updated Scenario Builder functionality (triggers, anyone?), which would make the above possible. But I’m happy just getting AoE:DE as it was. Also, you can always make unofficial rules between friends, like treaties, restrictions, or objectives - provided your friends have honor, of course.

@RWNorthPole i loved trying my hand at building triggered scenarios for my brothers and now wife as well to play ^^

I think a better map editor would solve most of these issues if you can just play custom maps with your friends.