Multiplayer Error [No lobbies]

Game Version:

  • Build 34699
  • Platform Steam


Multiplayer is completely gone, cant connect or see lobbies.

I’ve had this problem since the new update.

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Game is broken. Hope they fix soon.

Why hasn’t this been fixed yet? Its completely broken.

Still broken as of yet.

Found a solution. Just click "Sign out of XboxLive in the game menu on top right corner. It will fix it instantly.

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Since the new update I can’t see any games in the multiplayer lobby. What is the deal?
I’m beginning to regret buying this game. What has it been, two months and they still haven’t fixed this game to make it playable?

SAME THIS IS INSANE. WHY CANT THEY TEST THE PATCHES BEFORE THEY RELEASE THEM! No lobbies since yesterday and no word from the devs.

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101.101.34699.0 4580616
Game Version:

  • Build (####)
  • Platform (Steam)


No Multiplayer Lobbies

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Started with the latest patch - Yesterday
  2. Click on Multiplayer
  3. See absolutely no lobbies


Try enabling the cross-network option in options if it is currently disabled. This worked for me.

Crossplay is enabled.

Try this, create a lobby and browse lobbies from inside that lobby. Also deselect the password. (double click should give you a cross)

Cannot create lobbies either. Its greyed out.

Hello everyone! If you have not already, please try signing out of Xbox Live to see the multiplayer lobbies. Our Live Ops team is investigating why this might be causing problems, but it seems to be a reliable fix for players encountering this issue.

The team has discovered the culprit. You CAN stay signed into Xbox Live, but will need to ensure that you’ve ENABLED CROSSPLAY before you can see the multiplayer lobbies. This is by design, though it has highlighted an area where we can do a better job communicating the functionality.

Thanks for the report!


Agreed, just like HD did.

it is enabled and I still can only see few matches in the lobby , I bought the game from windows store , I am buying it again from steam now to see if it fixes the issue for me :frowning:

I have 2 versions of the game now in my PC
windows store version has only few lobbies
steam version works fine

cross play is enabled so this is not the issue