Multiplayer Error [No lobbies]

Please can you stop to use same comment in all post? Is useless try to update game when there is no update in the REPOSITORY of COMPANY XBOX for AGE OF EMPIRE II DEFINITIVE EDITION. please can you send and email to developers and do move their assses and Upload lastest version for common user could download it?

Hi [GMEvangelos],

I am on another version:

101.101.36202.0 0

There is no update available in the MS store?

Can you have another look? The funny thing is, all 3 of us managed to play together in the past…

I try to play multiplayer until the 20th April, i have the game from MS store, with 101.101.36202.0 0 version and lobbies still doesn’t work.

Can we have a explanation or at least an update, because i’m just tired to try.


EDIT : if you have problems with lobbies you have to reset your game from app parameters.