Multiplayer Freezes

Hello all,

I am playing on the latest build.

Today when trying to play multiplayer matches I have had continous freezes starting from the very beginning of the games that last up to 2-3 seconds. After which the game will quickly “catch up” and speed up everything that happened to be in sync again. However it will happen again quickly after and so on.

I have stable internet, a monster of a PC and never had these issues before. I have over 100 hours in AOE2:DE and never had this issue. What could possibly cause this?

My mate who is with me in the same game does not have this problem. He tells me my connection symbol is constantly Blue so there shouldn’t be any issues. In Singleplayer I do not have this issue. I verified integrity of my game files as well. The problem appears in regular ranked matchmaking. Wether 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 doesn’t seem to matter, the problem exists in all these cases.

My commands are registered and I see them being carried out after the delay is over (and in sped up fashion because of the freeze), but they do not “get lost”.

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