Multiplayer functionality is currently unavailable

Multiplayer funtionality is currently unavailable, please check your Xbox Live account’s Parental Control settings and try again.

VS Players and Co-op VS A.I. is unavailable for me in AOE IV (Xbox Game Pass version).
I am not playing on an account that has parental controls enabled. As far as I’ve found, there even isn’t such a thing as Xbox Live Parental Control settings, only Microsoft Family groups, which my Microsoft account is not a part of.

I can’t go to Xbox account settings through Account with Xbox | Xbox, because it tells just me “The new Xbox app is replacing this experience”. I haven’t found any parental controls or privacy settings on the app itself.

Only through logging into my Microsoft account I finally managed to find the link to go to the actual Xbox account settings. (Sign in to your Microsoft account). And from there I could press Privacy settings. The aren’t any parental settings in there, closest to it is the Microsoft family -option.

I suspect my multiplayer is disabled because in the account settings, on the “Privacy & online safety” tab, I have everything on “Block”. Which of these options would I need to turn on to play online?

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I found the problem, and it’s a pretty embarrasing mistake on my part. In the “Privacy & online safety” settings, under “Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 devices Online Safety” tab, I had the “You can join multiplayer games” option on block. Turned it to allow, and now I can play online.

I do think the error message given is misleading, as the problem didn’t have anything to do with parental control settings, but for now my problem is solved. :slight_smile:


This saved us SO MUCH TIME! Thanks.

Here’s the step-by-step:

1, Log into
2. Click on Privacy dropdown, open Privacy dashboard
3. Click “Xbox” tile under “Manage your Privacy Settings”.
4. Click desired options.
5. Freedom!

I have this issue now, except its not that multiplayer games are blocked, guess ill keep looking