Multiplayer game command lags delays

Game Version: 101.101.35209.0

  • Build: 4667120)
  • Platform: Steam

Tentative Fix:

enabling V-sync, only works if game is quit, doesn’t take effect in-game during match via options.
This made a difference when trying two difference games, 3v3 populated with AI. Will try again with friends to see if this takes effect.


While playing a 3v3 multiplayer (3 players vs 3 Moderate AI) on a Normal sized map a delay starts to appear between command clicks and actions being taken. Timed with a stopwatch as roughly 30 seconds by the 10min (game time 1.7x) mark, increasing to 8 minutes by the 56min (game time) mark.

During this issue units may be seen to move in slow-motion occasionally, the clock icon next to player names in the scores is blue 90% of the time, and notably the units do not unfreeze and speed up. Other players may not experience any delay/lag. Issue MAY be linked to which player created the lobby.
Game does not drop, quit, fully freeze, or disconnect.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Have V-Sync disabled?
  2. Create private multiplayer game on eastus server (nearest).
  3. populate with 3v3 (tried with just me and rest AI, problem persisted).
  4. play game and watch in dismay as your commands are increasingly delayed.
  5. weep over your villager that fell to a boar.



Win 10 10.0.18363 Build 18363
Asus Zenbook UX433FA
CPU: i7-8565U
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620

AoE2 DE Settings:

V-sync off, all left-panel unchecked,
particles low, all right panel unchecked.
Benchmark: 1059.3

I created this Issue because although some posts seemed related the titles did not align with the keywords I naturally thought to search.

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