Multiplayer Game Types, ELO, and Player Population Questions

Hello all

I have returned to AoE multiplayer for the first time since the old Microsoft Gaming Zone days. What great memories…

Anyway, I noticed that the favorite game types on this the Neo-Gaming Zone is Unranked. Now I understand that when you create or join an Unranked game, no ranks appear next to the player’s names. I am curious if wins and loses in these unranked games effect the ELO rankings of the participants. When I try to create a game for fellow “Noobish” players we get very little interest. Switch to unranked and it will fill up.

About ELO; based on the ELO score what would be considered beginner level, intermediate, advanced, etc.? I am at 1054 but some of that is because I defeated my nephew in a 1v1 and won a few other 2v2, 3v3 ranked games. I have noticed ranked games with players in the low 2000’s and 1500+ range. I am an OK player if playing standard random map with no greater than pop 100. That was THE setting we used back in 1997-1999 and that is what I became proficient at.

Third, is the Multiplayer Lobby that we go to when selecting Multiplayer from the AOE DE home page the best multiplayer environment? By best I mean the most traffic and diversity of player skill level? I see that Steam is a partner in some respects. I am not a big fan of Steam because of performance issues with the Total War franchise back in the day. But as far as I know the Steam lobby may be the same as the Lobby we go to from the main AOE DE menu.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Most less competitive games are in unranked now. Almost all of the competitive players(above average) play death match/random map modes. There are a few exceptions(notably the taiwanese) who host unranked but mostly if you jump into an unranked game you’re going to be up against low skill players.

Unranked games do not affect your ELO.

Most matches are now played with pop cap of 250 but it’s not a huge jump from 100. Just means you keep ecoing a bit longer and super fast irons are not as worthy without tribute from teammate.

ELO is not a good indicator of skill(yet anyhow). There was a reset just a little while back and it’s not balanced yet. It is a good indicator of games played though so higher elo = more games played. Generally most active players are above 2000 now but there are exceptions there too. I’m a casual player in the top 50 who’s 2000+ rated but there are more skilled players below me and less skilled players above me so take that rating with a grain of salt. Everyone above 1800 SHOULD know how to be tool in 8:30 with 20 villagers and bronze in 12:30 with 26 villagers if that helps you at all.

Assuming you have the cross-client play setting selected in your options the multiplayer lobby from the main menu will show you all games.


Thanks for your response.