Multiplayer Issues (AOE Definitive)

Sorry if this has been brought up before - hoping that some of the developers are looking into these issues.

  1. On multiplayer, when random teams are chosen, every game I have played so far has put at least 1 person by themselves. Example, the first 3 games were supposed to be 3v3 but ended up being 3v2v1. All players had chosen random teams. The game I played this morning was supposed to be 2v2 but ended up being 2v1v1.
  2. In order to launch a multiplayer game it seems that all teams MUST be random. I tried a 2v2 with 2 players picking team 1 and 2 players picking team 2 but the note at top stated “Not Yet Ranked: There must be exactly 2 balanced teams.” Once all players chose random teams, it allowed me to launch the game.
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