Multiplayer issues

Anybody know how to fix the game when it simply doesn’t want to load in? I play against AI with my friend in multiplayer (we’re casual players for AOM and AGEIII.) Some days it refuses to let me in, loading indefinitely while my friend loads in as it says waiting for other players. Some days it works fine. Never able to fix it, restarting my PC does nothing, disabling my antivirus does nothing… only way to fix it is to wait until the next day.

Any ideas on how I may make it work again when it has this issue?

Uninstalling all external antivirus programs (Malwarebytes, AVG…) and keeping only Windows Defender usually solves the issue. Disable is usually not enough unfortunately.


That… Is awful. I shouldn’t have to uninstall my computers security to be able to play a definitive edition. :confused:

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Well seems to be a good secrutity from secruiting you from playing games.
Damn what a weird sentence.
Its a terribel antivirus.

Also, you can try to put your game folder in antivirus whitelist if you don’t want to remove it. But any third party antivirus will definitely slow down your computer in any program. Default windows defender is absolute best for security and performance. If you absolutely need a third party antivirus, you could just download and scan once a month and remove it after.

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I would prefer for them to fix their multiplayer service than to blame every single anti-virus in the world and call them all bad just because they messed up slightly re-releasing an old video game. :slight_smile:

Well, in legacy you ahve the same exact issue.
Blame the antivirus software for being trash.

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Avast has integrated functions that I actively use, I’m not uninstalling it and reinstalling it every other day just because of one single game in my large games library having a hissy fit every couple of days. I’d much rather the devs fix their issue. This game isn’t worth the trouble, I’d rather just play Mythology or 2 DE, or maybe buy and play 1 DE.

What do you mean they’ll slow down your computer? I’m not using McAfee or Norton Security in the year 2009 with my old 2006 HP-Compaq single core PC anymore. Avast is currently using less than 200MB of my 16gb of DDR4 ram, and it’s using between 0% and .1% of my R7 2700x 8x 4.10mhz OC’d cpu, and 0MB/s of my lan and my SSD.

Not only that, but the game is whitelisted. It auto-whitelists any game I play. I checked, it is indeed whitelisted.

If this game kills itself simply because you have an anti-virus installed, no matter if it’s both whitelisted AND completely deactivated and shut down with Windows Defender + Firewall ALSO turned off, then I am not willing to blame any anti-virus.

Except I have never had this issue, ever, with the release on Steam, or on my CD copy, since 2005. And I used to run McAfee that would kill my computer for 3 hours a day to do an auto-scheduled scan because I was a kid too stupid to learn how to kill it. :slight_smile:

its eating resourced for something that you could protect yourself from.
Just dont go on fishy websites. Easy as it is.

Having this thread open to read this comment is “eating” more resources than Avast has ever used on my PC.

I state once again

This is 2021

On a computer built in 2019

Stop using your boomer arguments to defend the devs from fixing a small issue with their game, thank you.

Edit: The game isn’t even running on the same drive as my passive programs.
Sorry, kids, but freeing up 0.1% of my CPU and 1.25% of my RAM isn’t going to fix this games issue. :slight_smile:

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Dude, antiviruses use their own version of a firewall and sometimes it blocks games from going online because of that. It happened a LOT to me with avast, avg and such antiviruses even before any DE was out, when I thought they were necessary to have a good pc (they are not and windows defender works amazingly fine).
Its not a problen of the game. If you don’t want to uninstall your antivirus, at least whitelist it in their firewall list and check again. (Not the windows firewall, the av firewall)

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Finaly someone smart. Thanks.

I really don’t care if you like the unreliable small scope Defender or not, I really, really do not. I really don’t care for your “you’re an idiot, my perfect gem of a game could never have any issue whatsoever” b.s.

If you read anything, I already told you that it’s whitelisted. It automatically whitelists, I even re-did it to manually do so because I’m not an idiot and that was the first thing I tried. No duh they meant Avasts firewall, what the hell else would it accomplish to uninstall it if not to remove the firewall? You realize you can turn off AV’s firewall like you can with Windows, right? You realize Windows Firewalls settings aren’t even functional when you have Avast installed so how would I even get the two confused? It literally says “These settings are being managed by vendor Avast Antivirus” if you try to use the wrong one?
Grow up, you’re talking to an adult not an idiot pre-teen whose never used a PC before. At least fact check yourself before you join the circlejerk.

I’ve never had a game get thwarted by anti-virus, Defender or otherwise, that couldn’t be fixed by whitelisting, manual port forwarding, or disabling.

So yeah, pretty sure it’s the game, but go off. :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, I have a better way to send off this cancer thread.

I moved the game from my D: to my C: and all of the loading jank disappeared.

Literally had nothing to do with the connection at all, so all of your trolling was completely pointless.
Thanks for the help. :smiley:

Topic closed per the original poster request.