Multiplayer Lobbies lag uncontrollably

Game version: 101.101.33164.0
Platform: Steam

Nearly every time I join a multiplayer lobby in unranked, the game begins to lag. For the first 10 seconds it is manageable, but it continues to get worse the longer I am in the lobby until I can’t even move my mouse anymore, see new chats (but I can still hear the sounds made from number chats), or escape the lobby by clicking leave lobby. This means I have to restart the game every time I stay in a lobby for more than 15 seconds to get out of the screen. The rest of pc handles fine (I am able to click the windows button to escape to other apps which work fine), and it never lags in-game. It also does fine in ranked matches because there is no “lobby” in the same sense as in the unranked matches. I am still able to join the occasional game, but I just think it strange that the entire game lags out in most lobbies, even when the ping for the server I am in is in the 100’s. It seems to occur regardless of server connection strength. I also find that there are no issues when I create the lobby and other people join.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Join a lobby from the “Lobby Browser” tab in-game
  2. Try out a couple lobbies, if it doesn’t occur right away; it seems the bug will happen regardless of connection strength to the server (random).
  3. Wait in the lobby for 10 seconds. If it is happening, it will be immediately noticeable after you join. The lag will get worse until the game freezes.
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