Multiplayer map ban is a scam?

Ok so i returned to AoE2 after a hiatus.
I play water, i play land.
I hate black forest, it’s the trashiest map for me personally, i have it on ban at all times.
I search for 2v2 and 3v3 quickplay and yet why do i get black forest sooo often if i have it on ban?
Ban is a scam. Fix or remove it please.

I got BF 2 times again since i wrote this post. the option to ban a map is a joke…

try to adapt to like BF. go khmer ballista elephant fast cutting and pressure early lots of fun, just hope that your teammate is there to back you up 11

Would be possible, but i think the point is:

If the majority of people favorite BF, the matchmaking puts me in their game, regardless of my ban and forces me to play with them. If i leave, i get punished by the matchmaking.
Why does it override my ban?
Even if 4 out of 6 people favorite BF, my ban should still make it chose a different map instead of making me play with them, or not match me with them…