Multiplayer mid session saves

Will there be a way to save an online game mid session? Or was a feature like that ever announced?

It is such a life saver feature, as it basically enables pausing for a day.

I hope this feature is in some kind of roadmap or something as it really is a deal breaker.


Very much agree with that. Infants don’t respect match time so my partner and I both refunded this until we can properly play. Hopefully that’s coming. We’ve waited a long time for this game.

Pause would also do it in my case.

Haven’t found official statements on either feature so far, pretty sure they haven’t said anything.

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Multiplayer pause is an absolute must. Also, how do we resume games after a disconnect? Any way to do that?

So far, the devs have been 100% silent on these sorts of issues. They just ignore questions like this during streams. It’s not a good look.

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These type of features used to exist in 2005, but now it’s simply impossible. You can’t ask for established features in 2021.

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It’s really lame that you can’t pause or save in multiplayer. My room mate and I love AoE but we both requested refunds after starting multiplayer matches and having to pause for restroom or pizza and not being able to pause or save. Why in the world would they have left this functionality out? It seems like basic functionality that has existed in RTS games for as long as I can remember….?

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Also, to be clear I’m taking about local lan/Steam friend games. I understand that internet matchups maybe need to keep the pause button limited but srsly, it should exist in games with your friends.

While I’m ever so hopeful that we see all sorts of things coming to the game in the near future, for some reason, I don’t see them adding this cool, basic feature. :confused:

I think this is basic and can’t believe they don’t have it or multiplayer pause.

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