Multiplayer: Need Advice Building up POP 250 Economy

Hello all

I bought the definitive edition and after knocking some rust off I am back to playing some multiplayer games on the new “Zone”. Like a lot of you I was playing back in late 90’s on the Microsoft gaming zone.

Anyway, I was a decent, but not great, player in random map, standard settings back then. Pops were 50, 75 or 100. My experience was in the decent bronze times with significant bronze fighting at the expense of quick iron times.

Most of the games I see today are unranked random map with a pop of 250 and set to fast or very fast (fast is fine but very fast accentuates my inexperience at high pop games)

I am looking for a guide or YouTube walk-thru for POP 250 booming while being able to defend against attack or attack a pesky neighboring opponent on my way to 100+/- villagers. The best tip I have found curtesy of the oracle at google is that Government Center is the first bronze age building when you are booming the economy. That has helped but I still have a long way to go before I am an asset on a team in 3x3 or 4v4 random map pop 250 games.

Thanks in advance

First of all, there are a few problems in defining this. Trying to play brz boom against a close opponent(similar skill level) going tool aggression, you will die. In such situation fast brz into military(cavalry is best) is necessary.

But let’s look at the case of brz vs brz play. You hit tool at 24-26 pop, click wall, make market+range/stable, click brz and build your walls. Make a note to try and be walled before 10:30 in team games. Scouts from home hit you at that time. If you think someone is likely to paint scouts, then you need to be walled before 10:00.

Let’s assume that is all good and you hit your brz before 13:00 behind walls(NOT houses!) You made 8-10 farms on the way up so now you rush your government center and two TCs on woodlines. Then you use all your extra wood on farms until you have 18 farms(21 for palmy, 15 for shang). This is what you need for villager production. If your opponent made two TCs as well(scout or check statistics for vil count) make one TC+farms, if he made only two TC make army with all extra resources from this point. Play carefully and you will catch up soon.

If he didn’t make government center he needs to break your wall and kill you (or your teammates) or he will lose. This is the most dangerous situation. You need to double wall and stop villager production from last TC, use that to make army. If he is any good, there will either be siege breaking your walls or he will kill your teammates so you will need army. Do not be afraid to sack vills for holding the wall. Hold it at all cost until you have enough army to fight and win. If he goes to your teammate you can help him, but at no point should you lose your army. Sometimes it is a better idea to your enemy at his home if it’s close when he goes after your teammate. He might pull back or you can kill a player. When the dust settles it is important your team has more eco and equal army. From this point forward it is just execution to win.

Regarding the build order:
5 to berry
6 make house -> scout (Look for wood then food then wallspots
7 berry
8-9 to wood
10 make house -> scout (make all houses from now on)
11-14 to wood -> make pit as soon as you can on good woodline(Food too if possible, priorise wood)
15-20 to a new food source, If you have food at your pit take two vills from wood and put on food,
20-25 to a new food source. If no food near pit, take two from wood.
Click tool
When first berries run out, transfer to gold/wood(Depending on unit you are planning to make)
Halfway up make barracks at a wallspot

Should have eco like this:
14 on food
6 on wood
(3 gold if cav) (9 wood if not)
2 scout

Now send 4 more vills to wallspots from the resource that is close and plentiful.
Queue one more vil from TC
Upon hitting tool click wall
Rush market+stable/range
Build walls as soon as able
Click brz
While on way to brz get woodcutting and start making farms.Transfer foodies to wood(new pit) when food runs out. If you are rich get domestication/gold mining and something to scout the enemies.
Aim for 250 wood in the bank, spend all extra on farms/ upgrades during age up. Queue some vils from TC while at it.
Hit brz
-> see start of post

Cavalry is usually the best choice for army. They can be made immediately, kill all tool units well with just one attack upgrade and use gold(cheapest resource). If you are not under pressure composite bowman is the strongest brz unit but is very slow to mass due to needing many buldings and upgrades. Chariot archer is somewhat in between. They don’t need that many upgrades but are the most expensive. These are the most common choices and in generic teamgames the best ones.


Is there any site of strategies, to learn early aggresion or booming or fast Iron age…

Not any up to date ones.

You can check:

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Thank you. This is helpful.

you can also watch experts players playing (they also play alive on Twitch or Youtube, i suggest to follow them) :

Soigia -
Denny -ễn/featured
mrmorec -
Winston -
VNS_Cool -

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Thanks for the links. I just watched one for SoiGia. WOW!