Multiplayer "number of games played" changed without even playing

Game Version:

  • Build (35584)
  • Platform (Steam)


I had ~50 games played total shown in my profile and when I went to the profile after updating, suddenly it changed to 1200 games played total and I don’t even have the profile icons unlocked for them.



Here’s a proof for the locked icons:

Agreed. It says I have 21 wins and 1538 games played. I recognize I’m a noob multiplayer, but I’m not that bad. (Should be in the 30s, which is consistent with the locked icons)

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I have the same issue. It also stopped counting wins and the number of total games seems to go up by 4 after every game I play (both single or multi player).


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ditto, total games seems to go up by 4 or 5 for each game I play.

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Thanks for pointing that out, it happened to me aswell after playing a match or two and it jumped for like ~6 more “total games” played.

Me too, but its only bugged for non-ranked games, my ranked games are correct.

I just played a lobby game and my wins went from 20 to 21, however my total games went from 208 to 212. I’ve only played between 40 and 50 games as per my unlocked icons. My wins for non-ranked games also seem incorrect because I’ve definitely won more than just 3.


Hello, after the newest patch my Total Games number increased by 100 Games which I have not played. Now it says that i have 258 Total Games but thats not true, also the icon for 200 played games is not unlocked. It is not a gameplay related issue but it is annpying really, hoping for a fix.

Just wanted to say that Statistics says my total number of games is still 150 more than the actual games that I played so that issue isn’t resolved yet.