Multiplayer only stutter?

Hey MissElita -

Same problem here. Solid machine (specs below), fast internet (200-300Mb/s d/u; see screenshot below), and I’ve tried all the steps you tried. Also went through dozens of other suggestions on forums to improve latency…

  • updated everything
  • whitelisted game in firewall
  • disabled AV while playing (including Win defender w/ DefControl v1.6)
  • closed all background apps other than game
  • cleared all cache and temp files
  • set battery usage to high performance
  • fixed silly MS issues like allocating all bandwidth to me (not reserving 20% for updates, etc.)

No joy! Always have the yellow clock next to my name in ranked MP. Been particularly awful since the late May patch. Game and other players now frequently crash, which sucks if they’re on your team. All this nonsense has hurt my ELO a lot :frowning:

Maybe this is Microsoft-Steam problem? Or an AOE2DE-Win10 issue?

If anyone knows the solution, please help!!! And MS peeps, please fix this game esp MP drops


  • 250GB SSHD (where game is installed)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 w/ 16MB of RAM
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Exactly the same problem here, someone found the solution?

I used to have the dreaded clock every time in multiplayer (since the Beta!) on an i7 7900 and a 1080 Ti. I tried optimizations, hacks, solutions, power management settings, everything. It would run fine single player but multiplayer would lag.

Reinstalling Windows finally fixed it. I can play multiplayer without the clock of doom… Good luck.


Same problem! Still without solution? Reinstalling whole system to play this game… i don’t know man

You could have 2 GPUs enabled if your motherboard has built-in graphics as well as having a separate graphics card.

Actually a friend of mine had the same problem.
We tried everything, nothing helped.
As a last resort he reinstalled windows and this did fix the issue. The game is now running without any problem for him.