Multiplayer Pause and Save Game Does Not Work

There’s no way to pause or save a custom multiplayer game unlike just about every other Age of Empire game out there.


Thank you for the feedback @SHOWGOOOD. I’ll make sure the team sees this.


Yes, will you be adding the pause and save features to a future update? If you only can add one, pause would be best, but save would be really nice too!

Does the team ever comment on these sorts of things? If it’s not happening that would be nice to know, I could stop doing my check every couple of months.

No, not generally. There are only a few of us that are allowed to comment in an “official” manner. The only way to know if something is actually happening is to watch for an official blog post with something like a road map. Or wait for it to hit patch / release notes.

Believe me, not ideal, and I make my voice (i.e. your voice) heard when I can.


me and two friends just bought AEO 4 and discovered that it’s not possible to save in multiplayer mode.
How is possible to write a game without this option ? does MS developer really think you don’t need to save a game and reload it after some days when you are able to meet your fired to continue with the same game ?
do somebody know if there is a trick to save the game ?

Unfortunately saving is currently only possible in single player campaigns.