Multiplayer problmes

Hey, I bought AoE gsetern and wanted to play online right away. But whenever I press the multiplayer button, the following error message appears

“No connection to online services possible. Extended error. Please try again later”

I can play campaigns, skirmishes and Art of War. I can’t click “News” like I can “Multiplayer”

Firewall is off. Purchased the game on Steam. Pc is more than good enough that he should manage the game without any problems. Have Windows 7

pls help me :frowning:

I heard somewhere this problem from some player. Those dude reinstalled the game and that problem will be solved. Try it too.

I have made. Did nothing

Weird, does your internet suck by any means?

Mine does and sometimes I get that message, I just wait for a better connection and it works just fine (As fine as it gets with playable lag).