Multiplayer ranked issues

So I’ve been running into a problem with AOE 3: DE multiplayer. I can’t seem to win.

I play as Portugal. I just like it. I play against extreme A.I. and always win. I always beat extreme A.I. but when I play ranked I can’t seem to win a match against players. I don’t know what it is!

I get rushed, that not even A.I.'s could rush. while the other guy even gets to the third age faster than I do.

It’s usually against japanese, indians, swedes, and netherlands.

I don’t understand how I can beat extreme A.I and lose to people on 700 mmr. Yes, my mmr is low because I can’t seem to win a single match in ranked.

Is it just me or the match making is broken?

And before anyone say I suck and that I should learn how to play, I beat extreme A.I. every single time, so it’s not about no knowing how to play.

The matchmaking is not broken, but sometimes it does give you opponents that have really high/ really low elo than you for some reason.

Getting opponents who play civs like Japan and Swedes is very common in low to mid elo range, get used to it.

And the AI is not good and hasn’t been improved much from the legacy version of this game except for a few things like making correct buildings and units, so it does not give you the actual multiplayer experience. Please don’t take me wrong, but it seems you would have to actually learn the game from the scratch. Play through the Art of War scenarios… if you’re done with that, read strategy guides from ESO-Community, watch recorded games and gameplay videos of pro players and try to do the same. I’m sure you’ll start winning a lot of games just from them.


Yeah as RDX said you need to learn build orders. The ai is awful so beating it can be pretty easy. Maybe try the art of war tutorials too.

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Thanks guys, It’s just frustrating to keep getting crushed from players who apparently has no strategy at all and keeps shooting units to you or they’re just high elo that you have no chance against them. <3

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When I started playing multiplayer I thought I was good. Then I realized I was not even a mid lvl player. Seeing guides on youtube and watching streams was my way to learn.

I only play Tr40 nowadays, and it was exactly the same experience, when I felt I was really good, I faced a really strong opponent, he did double my score lol felt it was impossible to be that good. I learn from him and become as good as him.

There is always a lot of stuff to improve, the Aí is really weak/exploitable in comparation to human players


People tend to forget beating AI does not mean you are a good player. It only mean that you have now the basics ! :slight_smile:

Everybody that played multiplayer for a month is twice better than extrem AI. And it’s still the lowest lvl players.

=> You are new to the multiplayer, so everybody is better than you, and it is normal.

Keep playing, learn BO and have fun ! :slight_smile:

PS : you should start playing in lobbi maybe if you want to play vs other beginners, it would be easier to start


Yes, you’re completely right!

Thanks, but the problem with the lobby for me is the wait time for people to join, filll in and conecction since i’m from brazil and the host may be from europe. In ranked it seems it’s dedicated servers from xbox.

Thanks for the help guys! Much love !

All players should play matchmaking no matter they are good or bad, competitive or casual. The system is trying to make everybody’s win rate close to 50%, and the more players participating in the matchmaking, the more accurate match result will be.

Don’t care mmr too much it is just a number to help system assign proper opponents for you…

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That’s one of the issues here. It seems to always assign top tier players… lol