Multiplayer Unit Limit

In the original Age1 it get’s really fast really confusing if you have more than 50 pop available.
For the campains it wouldn’t make any sense to set the limit any higher.
But in AoE1 MP it was already an option to play with 200pop although you probably never got that far.
So I ask myself now if the new AoE1DE would change this and if it would also change the Metagame for AoE1?
And what is your opinion on that?

@DesAnderes said:
In the original Age1 it get’s really fast really confusing if you have more than 50 pop available.

I don’t know about that… :neutral:

Most players understand that a good in game economy requires usually around at least 50 villagers when playing multiplayer. If it’s too fast for a player, I might suggest either turning down the in game speed or practice micro managing more.

I’ve played many games where my population is well over 100, even over 150. When playing on maps like Mediterranean, You can easily have 70+ villagers, 30+ trimes, and 50+ military units at any given time.

I enjoy large battles, and for large battles you need a whole lot of villagers and a whole lot of military units. I’ll be sad if the team decides to keep the 50 population for single player, I’ll probably download a hack to change that like I did for the original :slight_smile:

Yeah, I personally never had any issues with managing that amount of pop. The higher the pop limit, the better, I feel. Maybe some balance issues could arise, but that’s not the point. AoEIIHD has a 500 pop limit, and it annoys me when I’m limited down to 200 again. I hope AoE DE actually raises it to 500. The point is to have a choice of going up to 500. If you can’t handle or dislike that, then all we need is an option to select the pop limit, like 10, 50, 100, 150, 200, 400, 500, etc.

For campaign, pop limit could be 50 or 100 to make it more challenging, to make a more efficient strategy game, but as RWNorthPole says, an option to select pop limit as AOEII (even HD) does for multiplayer.

Back in the day I always used to hit the 200 cap. I’m not sure if I will be able to handle much more with the same movement mechanics the game had in 1998, but I certainly would expect at least 200 pop limit.

For single player, I like to play it as hardest as it comes, and that means 50 pop limit will make one mission hours long (more than it should in my opinion), plus kind of frustrating if I can’t grow faster to defend myself.

hopefully they written a good net code! The online mode of aoe 2 HD remake was horibble if you have two armys with more than 200 units.

dont forget 4v4 and all the trading carts trying to find path in the busy 10 tile lane