Multiplayer Victory Progress Problem

Game Version:

~ Build: 101.101.36202.0
~ Platform: Steam
~ Operating System: Windows 10
~ Gamertag: BossBuffalo2898 (Microsoft), DRMZZY (Steam)

Issue: Whenever I finish and win a multiplayer LAN match with my friend versus bots my win count keeps resetting back to 2. My friend and I have played over 10 games and won all of them, he has unlocked the 10+ victory profile icons, and yet here I am stuck in 2. No matter how many times we play, I cannot progress further on the victory count.

Reproduction Steps: I’m pretty sure this is not intentional, hence the reason it cannot be reproduced…


This is the screen once I go to my profile in the Multiplayer after I restarted my game to check if the problem still persists.

As you can see, my win count is still 2 right as soon as I restarted the game, even though me and friend have won plus 10 matches.