my multiplayer box is greyed out so I can’t play it at launch I have a message that says

Hi MiRaZiV!

Make certain that you run the benchmark first before you do anything (it is required to play multiplayer).
Options->Ranked Benchmark Test

If that doesn’t help, then you can also check this link if you are using the Windows Store version of the game which sounds like it has a problem similar to yours: cant-open-multiplayer

Hope that helps!

Hi and thank you for your reply

I cannot access to the right menu in the graphics and when it’s the end of the benchmark a message appears or when I just navigate the menu.

I reinstalled the game, I repair it and I authorize everything on my xbox account I would like to know if my key could have been corrupted.
I bought it on a store other than Windows.

No problem MiRaZiV!

Can you restate what I quoted above. I am having trouble understanding what is happening when you are attempting to run the benchmark.


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