Multiple buildings selected training is scuffed

If I click 8 barracks for example and click to train a spearman, what’s the deal with it training a random number of units? Or it will train 8 but if you individually click the 8 barracks you can see 1 had a queue of like 6 and 2 more have 1 each and the other 5 are idle…

Is it just me am I doing something wrong or is there a work around?

If you select 8 barracks and click the train spearman button once it’s not meant to train 8 spearmen. It’s meant to train only one. Click it 8x to queue 8 up and it should divde them evenly between them. From the way you wrote your message it looks like you’re expecting the ‘train one spearman’ command to be copied 8x because you have 8 barracks selected? That’s not how it works. Hope this helps.

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