Multiple Imperial Officials can supervise the same building at the same time

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does this actually double the income / research rate? LOL

Just came here to check if it has been reported.

It does work on both resource dropoff AND military building production. Yesterday I had this game

Where the opponent chinese (the Ottoman ally) massed Zhuge Nu. I watched the replay and found it that he triple-supervised his stone, which meant that each villager dropped off 17 stone (he didn’t research wheelbarrow) and quadrupled supervised his lumber camp (20 wood dropoff per vil). Furthermore, he also triple-supervised his archery range, producing Zhuge Nu every ~1 second.

Here are some more screenshots. Notice that in the case of the resource dropoff I am focusing on the mill to show you that he does not have wheelbarrow.

Sorry for the previous picture, I hovered over the Crossbowman instead of the Zhuge Nu. Fortunately, I believe you get the idea either way.

Sorry for the spam, since I am a new user I can only upload one media per reply and also I can only reply up to three times in a row. I have two more images to upload but I am unable to do so until someone replies

I found this guy abusing the same bug who did it intentionally and acted all innocent. Pls fix it

I tested it and can reliably reproduce this. 4 IO roughly doubles the resource dropoff, all research and unit production is 0 cd again with 4 IO

I think it’s been fixed. I tested it in a custom and couldn’t reproduce it.

Is it a bug or a new feature? At least for the resources generation its just focusing your IO bonus all (or mostly) on one resource? I know it never use work in this way but these devs aren’t the best at detailing all their featured changes…

It’s actually a niche bonus (as an alleged feature) due to the multiplicative nature of supervision and resources extension (turn a 250 food sheep carcass into 518.4 food !! Which means you dont have to go on the map as soon :slight_smile: ).

I can still reproduce it as of version If any dev is interested I can give details on how to reproduce it

It’s certainly not a feature to have all your upgrades take 1 second and all your units take 0 seconds. Especially considering that certain conditions need to be met for this to occur, you can’t assign multiple IOs to a single building normally

Its not all; but one facility at a time hence why i think its more a feature. You’re trading off having multiple resources give 20% bonus for instead having 1 or so give more than 20%. Likewise with production; instead of having 2 archer ranges eached supervision at 2.5 (effectively 5) you use one archer range 2 IO and get 6.25 effective archer ranges. It’s a bonus but not overwhelming broken by comparison. And most china’s upgrades are already super fast (what’s the difference between 10s and 0s) both will be in time for your overall goal


I take back and what i said about the production aspect…powers of 2.5 ballon to almost 40 with 4 IOs… thats almost 40 archer ranges worth… very very very very broken mid late game when ppl have the resources to feed 30+ production buildings. It CAN be a feature if they hard cap the production aspect at effective 15-16 using 3+ IOs. 39 is just tooooo high.

It’s pointless to argue, this is as much a feature as Rus relic duplication was back in the day. The game isn’t supposed to let multiple IOs supervise the same building. See attached:

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It not pointless… Do you know how many tooltips we can each pull up that INCORRECTLY described LEGIT features???

We agree on 2 things; This “thing” is DIFFERENT as it has NOT been always included in game; and it appears to be very STRONG.

Incorrect, this is a long-standing bug that got popularized now and being actively abused on the ladder. There’s another report about this bug posted here in December 2022.

I bet Rus mains were also very happy about the “incorrectly described, legit and niche feature” of duplicating relics, which “appears to be very strong”. If you are unable to differentiate between intended and unintended mechanics, I got nothing further to say to you.

The point of this post is not to convince anyone about this being a bug or not. It is to inform developers about this clearly unintended behavior.

“unintended behavior” means bug; while I might be wrong on the longstanding aspect of this… “feature”… there are many many many “unintended” behaviors that have remain in the game that the community takes full advantage of; some more “broken” than others.

I’ve seen vods of it being done and still can’t reproduce it. Given the high degree of complication 1: It’s definitely unintended (bug) and 2: I highly doubt that it is widespread in the community. Unless there’s a tutorial going around on Weibo or something it’s too difficult for many people to know how to do it. I spent an hour in custom and I still couldn’t make it happen.

According to the comments I’ve seen online, it’s getting spread among Chinese forums. I figured out a way to do it easily without seeing any tutorials after theorizing why it might happen, which I’m not gonna share publicly for obvious reasons.

Well regardless a dev confirmed on Reddit that they are working on a fix for it so you’ll only have to deal with it a little longer.

Just played English vs Chinese. The guy was producing Zhuge Nu every 2 seconds! So, without supevision it is 15 seconds, with supervision 6 seconds, with double supevision 2 seconds! If the guy was a bit better with resource management he would have crushed me. It give quite a bit of advantage, about 600 free resources at start, like getting 2 more supervised archeries for the cost of one imperial official:
15/2 * 150 - 15/6 * 150 - 150 = 600

Update: I tried in custom game, but can quite unreliably repeat this.

Here is the game link as a proof:

You can see at 17:00 minute he produced 24 Zhuge Nu from single Archery Range(!).

Just noticed that they guy consistently double supervising food and gold at the beginning and what seem like maphacking (no scouting, lucky sheep, threat awarenes, looking at the fog of war if something of interest happening there). I watched two games and it seem pretty consistent.