Multiple issues with account details and stats

  1. I changed my username from the default generated gamertag to “risegarro” which is now my xbox live login username, as well as appears in-game and on my uploaded files.

    But in the forums the name is the same old random generated name. Is it possible to update the name here to match the name outside the forums?

  2. I successfully edited my profile picture for the forums, but the profile picture outside the forums (eg appearing in-game and in the mods section) is still some randomly generated image and I can’t figure out how to change it.

    Is it possible to change it?

  3. My single and multiplayer stats for AoE2DE don’t appear on this site in the stats page when I login with either the xbox live account or in the linked steam account (steam purchased game), the stats appear in-game.

    Is it possible to view the stats outside the game? In this site?

Hi @SwiftGymnast514,

Your forum username should update on its own. If it does not after 24 hours, please submit a request on the support website at

The profile photo in game can either be changed by changing it on your Xbox profile on the Xbox website or in game by selecting one of the available avatars.

Yes. It should be possible to see game stats on the website when viewing stats while signed in under the same account which owns the game, Microsoft Account for Microsoft Store version and Steam account for the Steam version. Since you tried both accounts, I would submit a support request.

I will submit requests, thanks.