Music all completed?

Just a quick question regarding the soundtrack.

Is the music already completed? I just had a listen to it in the background while I did some work, looking forward to hearing a song I used to love and actually listened to on loop from the old CD.

I’m sad to say I didn’t hear it play at all.

The old track was called “Gamelan” and can be heard here on YouTube:

I was really looking forward to hearing a remake or even better, a remaster of it.

While reading through the comments on YouTube, I noted quite a few people were somewhat saddened by missing tracks, such as “Cave”. Will these be added in? Or is it all done and dusted?

I’m not sure all the old musics from original soundtrack will be remade. Maybe a selection from the first game + Rise of Rome like in the old Gold Edition. I’m actually also listenning the old ones from my old CD but I wished they remake the first one when entering a game.

I think I can say without breaking too much the Beta NDA that new music were added this month in the beta, many of those from Age1 Classic, and I think I heard this one remixed.

If they have put in new music, I wonder what will happen with the soundtrack album? I suppose it’s digital, so they can simply add any new tracks…