Musketeer + melee cav is too much stronger than before

Ever since reduction of archer damage vs cav, musk huss has been the dominant combo at least age 2, archer player can’t reach the musk when cav is tanking in front, melee infantry die very fast to musk compared to musk dying to archers. Musk is also better at raiding vills, also requires less micro, also has more siege. So civs that can’t do musk+huss equivalent are unfavoured. They are really underwhelming now.

I thought you stopped playing because of how developers (developers, developers, developers !) allegedly favor european civs every time they can.

Honestly, if you can’t shoot his/her musketeer with your archers because of his/her cav, i’d say he/she micro better than you. Musk+huss is still way harder than skirm/goon to micro… I could whine too against age II gurka/zamburak…

What sorts of matchups are you reffering ? It seems difficult and not very interesting to make general observation (‘‘civ that don’t have access to musk’’) without being precise.


Yeah i did stop playing. I totally removed aoe3 from my steam account and don’t plan to buy it again. So you don’t need to emphasise that when replying my post.

then i think its time for you to move on.