Musofadi warrior, change class from light melee to medium melee

Currently musofadi warriors are designed to counter MAA, but due to the lack of Malian MAA to soak arrow fire, they die stupidly fast to their own counter, taking 400% more dmg from archers than MAA do in feudal. Making it extremely difficult to counter MAA + archer mixes

Simultaneously warriors don’t actually trade very well Vs most targets, with cases of even simple spearmen either trading or at least holding ground Vs warriors.

Conversely spears (that also take huge archer dmg) at least counter cavalry much harder than warriors counter MAA or even worse, knights.

Even if stealth were fixed, or warriors gained a minor base first strike/buffed bonus dmg (others have suggested these) pitched feudal and castle battles would still make warriors poor counters against the unit they’re meant to counter, so long as archers are around


If they could put unit attack priority, it would quite a lot of problems.

Say you can change Attack priority between Melee - Range perhaps even Siege.

meaning Javelin would prioritise to attack ranged units (archers) instead of dumping javelins onto mma and knights.

But I do agree, Musofadi warriors are more a joke than anything tbh.


With that archers would focus down the warriors faster as well.

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exactly, and i dont think javelins will kill archers fast enough to make up for the warriors dying even faster

tbf javelins arent the worst unit to be attacking MAA, due to their high base dmg, its better than (non poison) archers shooting MAA, or horsemen

literally all this change makes is warrior matchup vs archers, the question is whether archers should or shouldnt be killing warriors (a soft counter unit) faster than they kill spears (hard counter unit)?

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Depends on the composition.
If you just run Javelins + Warriors, yes the warriors will get squished.
but if you run Javelins + Warriors + Sofa’s, the Sofa will be soaking a lot of that arrow damage, in similar fashion that MMA absorbs alot of arrow damage for the Landsknecht.

yeah you are going to loose warriors, but not nearly as fast rate as if you were going pure warriors.

Something I like about the Musofadi is that they represent everything what I think the “Almogavar” unit should be if they make the “Civ: Kingdom of Castile and Aragon.”

Almogavar: hp 80/110/130, atk 8/10/12, Rof: 1.38, stealth, ability to steal sheep as scout, bonus vs villagers (+10/+12/+14), medium speed (1.38). I’d also give them some bonus against heavy for the Chuzo or Ascona they’re carrying, but not as strong (+5,+8,+10) as Musofadi either.

  • Yes, that’s how broken it would be because that’s how broken it historically was. By balance they could take away his bonus against heavy or villagers, and leave him good attack, stealth ability and speed, “but the Steal cattle ability stays”, that was his most striking characteristic, and his ability to burn buildings, maybe a unique technology to increase your torch damage.

Going back to the chart: as Mali’s 2nd mastery asks me to accumulate “horseman kills” with spearmans after developing a 4th age tech, the truth is, I still haven’t tried combos with the Musofadi, but the Mali hunter lancers are cool, I love it his javelin attack when chasing enemies.

Use the other two fantastic melee units for Malian with Musofadi.
Donso are tankier than other Spearmen, and Sofa will soak archers.
Musofadi Warriors are okayish against all melee and very high damage against Heavy units like MAA.
With the improved versatility of Malian archers with +3 poison damage, building these 4 units together I often just bulldoze through other civs head to head.
The only Malian unit I don’t like is the Javelin Thrower, the only use is if the opponent tries to critical mass archers in Feudal, because the Javelin Thrower is very cost ineffective if it is doing anything other than attacking ranged while also tanking ranged only just on paper, let alone in practice with its overkill, slow train, slow rate of fire, etc. However, it is fine as it is, because a niche use like such is still a degree of flexibility for Malian, and not every unit needs to be useful in every situation.

If they train units from stable, add Donso
If they train Men-at-Arms, add Musofadi Warriors
If they train anything beside units from stable, have Archers
If they train anything beside Spearmen, train lots of Sofa
If they massed crossbowmen, hope you have access to walls, mangonel, and imperial warrior scouts =^)

yeah its pretty bad

thats great, nice to meet you marinelord. for the rest of the ladder… MAA +spear / archers just rofl stomps malians. warriors dont kill MAA fast enough, while dying to both MAA and archers. and they’re bad at countering spears, just because they dont die to spears, doesnt make them a counter. heck knights beat them strategically due to cycle charging or simply avoiding them

as malians you should almost always make sofa, it doesnt matter what the enemy makes. they’re better at raiding than knights are for the cost, while being a massive force multiplier in fights. but they still arent good enough vs MAA + spears, or buffed MAA (HRE)

Before we start, i have a small question: Has anyone played the new “Art of War” challenges for Mali and the Ottomans? I did not expect it, and artistically, the game in Night atmosphere looks GREAT, on top of that I learned how to use the musofadi well.

Back on topic: Yes, there is a serious problem with the “Javelin Throwers”, that i learnt played the Art of War Malian challenge:


1.- Visually: they don’t have any shield, but they still have 0/5 defense. Are they dodging the arrows only with skill? That’s the explanation? Or do they wear some defensive doublet, and that’s why a piece of armor covers their face? If it’s the latter I understand, but it would be better if there was also the description of the “Short Facts”, when they have that, to explain its fashion.

2.- Cost: They cost the same gold as the crossbowmen, but the fact that they kill archers for that alone does not make up for it, since that is what the light cavalry is for and that only costs food. On top of that, even with their great defense, they are practically “Elite Guerrillas” of Age2. It doesn’t seem so profitable to me to pay so much for a guerilla fighter, which is lowered by any light cavalry that doesn’t even cost gold. Considering also that Mali archers also have the poison arrow skill, wouldn’t it be more convenient to amass archers?

3.- Training speed: They take a long time to train (22 sec), the same as the crossbowman. While a javelin can only defeat 2 archers easily, the problem arises when the number of archers becomes too large, and is worse if they have they are Mali archers with the venom tech, being then that the counter-unit loses its purpose.

It would be good if the developers considered that the javelin thrower, while it is a good archer counter in early ages and an interesting support unit, “is not a crossbowman”, and in fact its cost in gold does not compensate for its usefulness, since it remains weak against spearmen, men-at-arms, light cavalry, heavy cavalry and siege weapons. Meanwhile, the mass-produced crossbowman is capable of taking down elephants, men-at-arms, and knights, all of which cost quite a bit of gold, hence the utility of the investment.

Personally I don’t think the unit is bad, but I think that if you want to revive the elite skirmisher as a unique unit in AoeIV, let’s remember that their usefulness was that they were cheap and fast to produce. Reducing the cost to 30 or 20 gold and/or reducing its build time would also help.

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