Muting a Player In Game - Needs attention, but not a bug


I just played a game with a person who was very annoying. He was verbally harassing me in game telling me to resign, calling me a noob etc. I tried to find a way to mute him in game and I could not. There was no button in the diplomacy tab to mute him and there was no option to right click on his name in the chat window or anything like that. Being able to block and mute somebody after the game is not good enough.

It completely ruined my game experience and made it no fun to play.

Being able to easily mute people like that is the first step in stopping cyberbullying.

I reported him and I hope there will be some consequences for this, but I find games often don’t take this type of harassment seriously so I’m not optimistic. At a minimum I need to be able to mute players like this.


Yeah, that sucks-- hopefully, devs pick that up and implement it. Its kinda odd, I would expect a team of people to have on hand a list of general features a UI needs. Mute being one of them.

I suspect it will get attention in the future.

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They need to give us the option to uncersor the chat, and add a mute button. This will fix most issues.

Honestly shocked that isn’t an option, sorry about the situation you went through, I’ve been lucky enough to have chill teamates (sadly they frequently suck and die 1v1 to their opponent)

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The really frustrating part was that this was a 1v1, not a team game.