My actual wishes for AoE 4

Hi there,

I really enjoy playing the game. I played AoE4 for more than 150 hours. I’ve played the full campaign and most of the masteries. I’m happy be part of this really good RTS game, but i’ve some wishes for AoE4 (sorry for my bad english):

Before the game:

  • I have very solid hardware and there are no explanational reasons that the main menu lags a lot.
  • I want to set colors and positions for the players before a game.
  • I want to try out a lot of things in map editor or create maps on my own for team games with my friends.


  • I want more options for hotkeys (similiar AoE2)
  • I want to see waypoints for chains of command like sending the scouts to several places
  • The KI must general perform better. Some examples:
  • Nearly every game there are a lot of unused, unprotected siege towers on the map.
  • The whole army tries to destroy my wonder (13 minutes left), although i have all secret sites (2 minutes left). That’s a bad priority.
  • KI waste a lot of money for monks and sends them without reasons in my base and do nothing with it.

Alfter the game:

  • I want to see the whole map to talk about it with my friends.
  • I don’t understand why i get with delhi about 500 points for technology with nearly all upgrades and with other civs more than 5000 points.

That’s some of my wishes for the game. I may add to this list in the future but for the moment that’s enough of my feedback.

Best regards


About Delhi, you get tech points according to the number of techs researched + the resources you spend in order to get them. In that case, Delhi gets only the small percentage of tech researched.

And I think that you can Shift + Click in order to issue chain of commands.

The after game map is already confirmed for future updates. The map editor too.

That is true, however, there is no visible waypoint or toggle button for seeing where you’ve sent unit X.

In most any RTS you will see a (sometimes optional) line drawn on the ground representing the path that your unit is currently taking from point A to point B.


Agreed, I recall this UI being done marvelously in 2001’s Empire Earth. Visible waypoint trackers would be very appreciated.

Hi there,

exactly, i want to see the waypoints. Another example is the villager. Often I do a lot of commands on the same villager for example building some houses, then another house and then go back to work. The game gives me no feedback. I can’t see if i have all the things selected and if the villager go back to work after that.

I understand know how the tech points works, but for me make that no sense. Why should i have less points as other civs, if i researched the same amount of techs as anohter oppenent with another civ? I think the points should be so constructed, that i have a feeling if i stronger or less stronger as my opponent but i don’t know if the balanced with another trick.

Best regards

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