My (Almost) Complete Pitch for a Brazilian Civilization

i think its worth noting that culturally mexico is closer to south america than anything else, its not really relevant if south america actually physically have less.

1 also could easily just split america into 3: north, central and south america, by that logic its 3-2-1 currently and 3-2-2 with your suggestions.

with the latin america vs north america understanding its 3-3.

i dont think its a good idea to argue factions out from an idea of “fairness” to entire continents, some continents, like europe, simply produced more influential, long lasting and world spawning empires than others.

I put the United States where I could, but feel free to modify the original map and adjust it to your liking.

I hope you find it useful. :smile:

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No, Mexico has similarities because it is part of Hispano-America, but it has differences that come from the culture of the Mexica.

I am completely in favor of adding civilizations from Central America as long as they respect the time frame.

I never said anything about fairness, but I do think it would be good to improve the representation of South America, especially because of how empty it is of content.

This comment is very malicious, it takes for granted that Brazil, Argentina, Gran Colombia, Perú and Chile are not Influential civilizations.


well in the periode they weren’t, they where colonies and then fledging nations. often struggling to exert power even inside of their own territory.

today its arguable that argentina and brazil are regional powers, but the game isnt about today.

During the time period of the game, Argentina was in a military campaign to help liberate South America from the Spanish empire and they helped Chile and Peru, on the other hand if I remember correctly Brazil became independent in a “peaceful” way thanks to Pedro I and Pedro II, both countries influenced all of South America in their own way.

Independence from the empire of Brazil 1822 and the Argentine Republic 1816

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i study history. doing masters.

anyhow, yes i know brazil and argentina had a rivalry, but that doesnt mean they are the most important nations to add.

in general i am oppose on the following grounds:

  1. i dont think post napoleonic civs should be added to the game. i know that ship sort of sailed with mexico but it doesnt mean i think we should expand it. if this was “AOE4” going from say 1800 to 1920 then go ahead, but ignoring a good 80% of the game just to add a latecomer is sad IMO.

  2. i view them as already being in the game in the form of spain and portugal. and yes i viewed the US and mexico the same way.

  3. i dont want 3+ factions with the same language, age of empires is world spawning, its sad to have so many factions speak the same language.

  4. they already exist as reolvutions, id rather they focus on factions not in the game.

you also have to keep in mind there will be a point where we no longer get more factions, imagine we have 3 or 5 factions left, do you honestly beleive argentina deserves one of those spots? like sure if we get 20 more we can start saying “okay everything more important is added lets add argentina” but if i had to choose between argentina or poland id choose poland. as is argentina is playable through spain. while factions like persia, poland and denmark are not playable through anyone.


I don’t know about him, but I do think Argentina and Brazil deserve to be in the game, plus there is no limit to the number of civilizations developers can add, I think you should limit yourself to respecting that others want a different civilization.

i respect that you want it, that doesnt mean i have to agree, and i think you should respect that view point.

as long as people dont become toxic then they are allowed to agree or disagree with adding any faction to the game, im sure you’ve seen suggestions where you are “yeah i dont really want that”.

i think one should look 3 or 5 factions ahead, it forestalls getting too disappointed.

You got into a topic that deals with a modder, who is making a mod from Brazil just to comment that you don’t like that they add Brazil, in my opinion your attitude is toxic.

Also, I would never oppose the addition of a civilization, because the decision does not fall on us users, only the CEOs and developers decide what is added and what is not, that is why it seems absurd to me to comment on things against a civilization proposed by the users.

The only thing that the developers could do to disappoint me is to stop supporting the game, if they add Brazil or Argentina it would be a pleasant surprise and a guaranteed purchase, but nothing more.

I do not want to continue this conversation since we are deviating from the original topic, below the words of the creator of this topic.

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this isnt a mod thread, it litterally starts off:

this indicates he wants it to be added to the game, not that he is modding it in.

the devs make decisions based on what the community wants, well sometimes, its why we got italy. if no one asked for italy we wouldnt have gotten that DLC.

also i didnt start anything, that discussion was already ongoing when i showed up. and its a forum, its for discussing, people are allowed to disagree with you, and you are allowed to present reasons why you think otherwise.

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what he is saying is hes continually working on the idea, not that he is turning it into a mod.

its pretty normal to start out with a base, then find new idea or taking suggestions and incorporating them.

as for africa it was asked for for years and years. malta is a different questions but i had seen a few people asking for it.

Hey guys, I ask you to please focus on the topic of the thread, which is basically about Brazil as a hypothetical civilization or as a mod (as you know, it’s okay to dream!), discussing whether or not to add civilization could be a topic for another thread, so I suggest you focus on what it would be like if it were a playable civilization.
And remember, we can all have different opinions but we must always respect each other!


You are right.

Provincial Militias

I think it would be very interesting if the Provincial Militias of Brazil could be garrisoned in the barracks and stables to be converted into other units for free, this way they would not be the same as the militias of the United States

A Matadeira

Seems like an interesting artillery for factories, I wonder if he added any unique abilities to it or kept it as a variant of the Bombard?

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What makes you think we’ll only get 3 to 5 extra factions? We might get 6, 7 or more. I really don’t think this is much of an argument.

It was “peaceful” because Pedro I’s father ran away with all our gold and without fighting :woozy_face:

There was also no fight in the republic proclamation, and the Portuguese royal family only came to Brazil because they wanted to run away from Napoleon (and back then they brought all the Portuguese riches, because they’re awful like that).

The fact people in either Brazil or Portugal worship the royal family is insane to me.

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Well, not everyone likes revolutions (and revs are kinda limited in what they can do to represent the country)

What does that have to do with anything? Languages don’t make countries.

:laughing: It’s funny, but I wish they had caught him before he could get away.

Completely agree, but I would not limit it to Brazil alone, no monarchy is good, no one should be born with rights over others.

That’s interesting, question, what things do you think could be represented in a theoretical Brazilian civilization?

The funniest thing to me is that not even Pedro II wanted to save the brazilian monarchy. When he learned about the republican coup(he was in Paris at the time) his answer was basically like “Fuck it, I’m too old for this shit.”

I’m not sure how things are in Portugal these days, but in Brazil, monarchists are a very tiny political minority. They can be loud and annoying sometimes, but ultimately irrelevant.

The militias becoming other units idea is a cool gimmick, but I’m not sure if it would be the right fit for Brazil. I think it could work better for another nation.
As for the Matadeira, I didn’t even thought of having it be a Factory unit, that makes a lot of sense too.

Thanks for keeping things civil around here!

I’m not sure I understood your question, but I’ll try to answer it anyway.
I think the best answer is the people and the cultures. Brazil doesn’t have the most interesting military history out there, but it is a massive nation, with a very diverse population and a rich and thriving culture.

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I was referring to mechanics, units, buildings, etc. In your case I already know the answer.

Likewise, thanks for responding. :smile:

Give me time and maybe I can come up with a mechanic to keep it from looking too much like America.

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Permita-me tecer um breve comentário, embora já com um tempo de atraso.

A independência do Brasil não foi pacífica. Existiram conflitos até o ano de 1825.

Inclusive, Na Bahia, comemora-se o dia 02 de julho como sendo a data oficial da independência do estado, pois foi nesta data, em 1823, após algumas batalhas, que as tropas portuguesas foram expulsas.