My Campaign seems to be flagged again

I don’t know, why my Campaign “Rise and Fall of the Seleucids” gets again and again flagged. I cannot see it anymore in the download section. I don’t want to be annoying with my requests (this is now the third I think), but I don’t understand why this is happening repeatetly?

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@DodoNotDoDo Would you please help @DeciusFlavius with his flagged custom campaign?

It should be available again now. I have it on our to-do list to also require a reason for flagging to help limit arbitrary flagging.


So I have to thank you again! :slight_smile: I hope you can find a solution for the issue soon!
Is it just a bug, that campaigns getting arbitrary flagged by the system or is it currently the case, that some people abuse the flag button and after some reports the campaign just gets flagged (even if it is in reality not inappropriate)?

It’s working as intended. After 3 flags from separate users it automatically gets removed for review by a moderator/admin. So either there’s some issue we’re not aware of that’s causing people to flag it (which is why I want to require a reason) or they’re just abusing it.


Good to know how it is supposed to work. Maybe it’s really just unintentional as your first guess is. I hope it’s not some people want to ban campaigns and scenarios just for (their sense of) fun :frowning: