My Chinese Civilization Wishlist

I think that only these 7 changes are necessary.

The civilization’s identity is building landmarks and TC’s the earliest. Followed by tier 3 or 4 power timing.


  • Instead of Imperial Officers having a tax cooldown. Just make them unable to collect taxes from buildings that don’t have 20 gold available.
  • China starts the game with an Imperial Officer instead of an extra 100 food
  • Officers on auto are not considered idle workers


  • The second Landmark you build at the same tier is 50% cheaper
  • Dynasty units and buildings remain accessible always after being unlocked.
  • The tier 4 landmark that grants previous dynasty units and buildings will need its bonuses replaced. I’m going to suggest it instead grant the dynasty buffs (scout sight, worker train time, and 10% movement speed) of previous dynasty’s.


  • Grenadier’s buffed to some degree.

Without numbers and testing to know the effect of these changes, this is just backseat game balancing. At least give some arguments for these changes, why these changes specifically and not others, unless you want us to think you just pulled those out of your ***.


I like this changes but you also need to give them some nerf along with all those buffs.

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I think China starting the game with an imperial officer would be very interesting. Perhaps they lose starting gold instead of food?

I think the design of their early landmarks combined with tax collectors make them very suited to springboarding an early eco lead into a strong fast castle.

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My suggestion for balance of chinese: since the officials start with supervise unlocked now, the imperial academy is a little bit meaningless (you really do not want your first one or two official collect tax now, it’s much better to let them supervise lumber or mill).
I suggest to change the bonus of imperial academy to give a free official and upregulate the limitation of offical to five or six (if you played chinese in these two tests you can find that chinese really need more officials in the late game, otherwise the tax system is meaningless)


I’m not so sure about the others, but this one is urgent! Tie them to the scout hotkey, IDK, it’s just so frustrating thinking you have idle villagers, the idle indicator becomes totally unreliable.


Lol. What if feudal and 2 TC play…
You want bonus 35% production speed for 2 TC… for only 200 food and 100 gold ?


China is fully qualified to have Culverin units in the game

The Culverin was also a heavily armed cannon in China, used heavily in China’s foreign wars.

At that time, it was introduced to China by The Portuguese. In Ming Dynasty, Portugal was called The Flang machine, so Culverin was named the Flang machine gun.

On March 21, the second year of Jiajing (1523), a fierce battle broke out between Ming battleships and Portuguese battleships in Xicaowan, Jiangmen, Guangdong province. The Ming army finally captured 42 people including Bedulu and Shushili, killed 35 of them and captured 2 battleships, which is known as the “Battle of Xicaowan” in history. It was a small naval battle and the Ming army gained a lot. On captured Portuguese warships, the Chinese found many culverins, known as Flang cannons, which were mass-produced, heralding the Great Leap forward in Ming firepower.

After the Ming Dynasty acquired The Flang cannon, it began to copy and improve, and successively developed naval guns, city defense guns, chariot guns, field guns, infantry guns, cavalry guns and other guns of various sizes and types, totaling more than 30,000 guns. At the end of Jiajing, The Flang cannon had become one of the main equipment of Ming Army. At the end of Ming Dynasty, the ratio of cold and hot weapons in Ming army reached 3:1.

With this equipment, the imperial court reformed the army. The Ming army was upgraded to a new type of army with mixed cold and hot weapons. The artillery defense system was established along the Great Wall, and at the same time, the army’s firing training and tactical coordination were strengthened. The appearance and popularity of The Flang machine gun changed the equipment appearance of the Ming Army and improved the manufacturing level of firearms at that time. The Ming Dynasty and the western countries stood on the same starting line.

I don’t think it‘s superfluous to add this, just like someone said that British don’t have special artillery units for the French, China is already heavily weakened anyway, so to boost the Chinese, consider adding one

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Yes, I agree,
Chinese need more Buff.

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Not required. China already has a lot of gunpowder weapons. China’s problem is that it is too weak in the early stage.

I raised this question under other topics, but no one replied and not many people read it

It’s not a good topic. China already has a lot of gunpowder weapons.

At present, I don’t understand why we must make Chinese soldiers very weak. This phenomenon also existed in previous generations。

If this is the game production team’s understanding of China’s ancient military power, maye be we can simply learn 《Age of Empires 3》like Chinese has 20 more people than other countries, and the production cost of Chinese soldiers is lower than that of other countries. In addition, it can reduce the time of manufacturing soldiers through research on science and technology, so as to send troops quickly and form a huge number.

If the game production team thinks that China should rely on artillery to kill a large number of enemies, it can consider adding this anti enemy artillery unit