My civ bonuses and team bonuses

Hey, these are some of my ideas of civ bonus. NOTE they all hypothetic.

  • Wagon Fort: a Guard Tower but mobile (for a nomadic civ with good defense)
  • Cav can garrison on siege weapons, TC and towers (for a nomadic tribe civ with good siege)
  • All units get +5 hp for every relic on monastery. (Max 5) (for a fervorious civ)
  • Husbandry effect is the double (total of 20% faster cav) (for a civ like Scithians or Balts)
  • Archers moves 10% faster (Good for a civ like Nubians, see Dawn of Rome mod design)
  • Infantry regenerates 5hp by every 2 killed units (for a civ like Vandals, see Dawn of Rome mod design)
  • Scorpions can cut trees
  • Onagers don’t kill Ally units
  • Archers don’t cost gold,
  • Castles +20 pop capacity, but +20% stone cost


  • Cav +10 attack speed
  • Trade units move 20% faster
  • Ships builds 10% faster
  • Villagers +2/+2 armor
  • Trade units cost -20 gold and wood
  • University upgrades that you research allies get them too, except unable techs for each civ
  • Monks train +50% faster, -10 gold cost (to spam monks with allies)
  • Houses have no cost

What do you think about these?

Dawn of Rome mod info link: Dawn of Rome mod for AoC

the third bonus strategy is get a hard boom and later collect relics to have a insane +25 hp for all units

This could be a bonus for Siege tower, or even an upgrade

The others bonus, honestly, I don’t like them. Basically, a bonus with a penalty doesn’t sound attractive to me

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yeah but think on Castles with 40 pop castles with 650 stone cost? i will delete major of the penaltys

see it now
tell me what u think