My complaints

What I do not like in Age Of Empires 2 DE:

  1. They removed sounds of agony when a unit dies.
  2. They removed corpse decomposition! Instead, the corpse is slowly falling deep underground, which is bad.
  3. If a bowman or a spearman misses, the projectiles are no longer visible on the ground.
  4. There is not enough blood!!!
  5. The AI has a bug when a player uses a tower rush strategy. It does not know what to do with its villages, they are running around aimlessly. I consider myself to be a little below average AOE player in skill, but I am able to exploit this bug and win against Extreme AI with no effort.
    I hope that the game will be updated.

■■■■ yeah! We want to see and hear the battlefields pierced by arrows, streaming blood, decaying flesh and screams! Let us hear the screeeaaaaams!


The missing death noises is a known bug