My concept of Swiss civilization

Swiss are an infantry civilization

Civ bonus:

Start with one cow
Free guild technolgy
Supply technology apply to swiss pikeman
Pikemen line available one age earlier

Team Bonus: Pikeman line and swiss pikemen have +1/1 armor (starting in feudal age)

Swiss pikeman : an expansive and armored kamayuk
The swiss pikeman cost 75 food and 50 gold. He have a ranged attack (1). He is slow (but a little faster than the teutonic knight) and heavy armored

Cost 75 food and 50 gold
HP : 75, 90 (Elite)
Attack : 8, 10 (Elite)
Attack bonus vs Cavalry
Rate of Fire : 2
Range : 1
Melee armor : 3
Pierce armor : 2
Speed : 0,9

Swiss bank : all infantry cost -5 less gold (-10 less gold for swiss pikemen)
Available at castle age

Swiss mercenary : ally can train 5 free elite swiss pikemen at every castle
Available at imperial age

Tech tree:

Monastery : All

Blacksmith : All

University : They lack : Architecture, Heated shoot, bombard tower, treadmill crane

Barrack : All except eagle warrior
Stable : They lack hussar, paladin and husbandry (and elephant, steppe lancer, camel, etc)
Archery range : They lack cavalry archer, parthian tactic, elephant archer
Dock : They lack imperial age technology (except bombard galleon)
Siege Workshop : They lack : siege elephant, heavy scorpion
Castle : They lack : Hoardings

MIll : They lack crop rotation


I think your bonuses in this one are not well explained. You say pikeman line, do you mean it gets like and Halb upgrades an age sooner?

That’s a bit scary albeit the techs to upgrade said units are pricy for an age earlier.

Free guilds is a worse Saracen bonus, another tech should be included.

Have a UU aspect as a generic civ bonus is a waste.

So all you really have is a free cow as an eco which is worse than the Inca llama and that’s all.

The problem here is the generic almost non design of the civ. All the bonuses center around a UU which btw should not benefit from the TB just add it to the total stat of the unit!

And spearline, I assume with your admittedly broken English that you mean spearmen as well? If so that can be significant to have +1/1 armor on a unit. Granted it doesn’t enable until Feudal.

I don’t know. There’s not really enough here to make me go “ah this civ will be great!”

I think it’s underworked. It doesn’t need super complex bonuses but you may need to go to the high elo strategy board to make this civ enjoy more than just a cow and late game insider trading.

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I dont like the herdable bonuses. They overlap too muxch with Inca in both of your civs

And the civ feels too weak. They dont have any strong economic nor military bonuses

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The only area I think this civ can thrive is an early Halb/Arb push with the ability to research Halbs before Imp or on the way up for a really big Imp spike. Good luck getting there vs any of the strong eco knight civs let alone any civ that will roll you with archers instead.

In truth I’m just trying to be nice but there’s little else I can say good other than maybe Feudal pike means no scouts at all… maybe?

To you OP, I’d really study the game balance HARD.