My concerns about the balance of the next patch

My concerns about the balance of the next patch

First of all I am happy with most of the changes but there are things that make me doubt mainly the games of supremacy (1v1)

USA: The state militia was heavily nerfed, although it seemed good to me but a bit exaggerated, what worries me is that they have made the carbines have 14 ranged range and have an 11% better firing rate, the problem Of this, which is with the improvement of the arsenal, they will have 16 range + 10% damage, they will be able to counter the musketeers if they micromanage the units well, The carbines were not weak, the problem is that the state militia was So good that something similar was obscuring them, as happened with the Swedes who did not use the hakkapelittas because the Carolines are very good, Although they have a penalty that their shield has 10% resistance at a distance instead of 20% they cost 40 less resources than the dragon so it will be much easier to spam carbines.

Fort: It is already a strong send, only that due to the way the game develops it is difficult to take advantage of, but even so there are players who do know how to take advantage of them who play turtle, such as the Ottomans, Portuguese and the United States.
They increased the creation experience from 110 to 220 and the life from 8500 to 9000, I believe that the mere fact that they have increased the experience twice, 220 already makes it very viable and friendly in civs that play turtle because if we understand that an ottoman makes a fast ff, and it is sent at minute 7 the fort will reimburse 220 experience so it is good for that minute of the game, but giving 500 more life to a fairly useful structure does not seem fair to me, besides remember that in third we do not have mortars and we complained a long time ago when the Portuguese abused the turtle mode so let’s not repeat those mistakes,

Monastery: The monastery is a structure that is not used much in Asian civilizations, however it has good multi-uses such as creating mercenaries and outlaws and making exclusive improvements to the war hero, in the next patch they will give a drip of 0.7 of xp per second, so it would make it too useful in my opinion, I like the idea that it receives a trickle benefit, but it is more useful that a church should not enjoy the same privilege of a church, I suggest that they lower it to maximum 0.45 xp / s or give the drip of 0.6 gold / s as taverns have.

Asian civilizations have a card at age 1 that gives you a monastery wagon and allows future improvements of the heroes or war monks to decrease by 50%, and for building the monastery wagon you receive 45 of experience plus the trickle of 0.7 / s of experience you are doing well, I tried to make a build order with China which is to send me that shipment instead of the villagers and move on to a second age building the wonder of the monks, the truth is going well to be something troll


USA: The carbine cavalry were trash tier and they still might be, 11% buff to fire rate doesn’t seem enough to me they were probably the worst unit in the game so hopefully now they’ll be usable.

The fort needed a buff, most of the time it’s a card to ship it and if it’s destroyed it’s gone for ever.

The monastery needed an xp trickle so the asian civs can get the same as the euro civs, the church is still important over the monastery because of the unit training time upgrades, mercantilism and line of sight techs.

all great changes.


The forts would be a little stronger than the walls with the bastion upgrade.

The range of carbines to 16 could be a lot against musketeers, but not against skirmishers.

The monasteries I think generate more experience than the church because it must compensate for the generation of money from the taverns and the generation of experience from the church.

It would be necessary to see its effects to draw conclusions because I am not sure if the changes are very drastic or subtle.

The tavern and monasteries now having trickles is a great change, now they might actually be built.


You have to see the church as if it were a bonus of European civilization, not as something standard that should be equated with the other advantages of civilizations that function mechanically differently,
It is as if I asked that the church could ally itself with variants of Christians, Catholicism, Islam etc so that it would have the bonus that Asians have when they form alliances in the consulate.

I agree that you get a reasonable xp drip, but it seems absurd that you have the same from the church and worse if you say that the church should have more.

Regarding the carbine if it was a little weak with respect to quality and price, you can say that the carbines will not help the distance range against the guerrillas and you are right, but that is under the context that you say, I will I can say what happens if you are with the guerrillas and you have 3 machine guns and 20 carbines in front, are you going to win that confrontation? if it was necessary to bufe it, the path was damage or life, not distance

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I think that with the improvement of the arsenal it is enough referring to the reach. 14 is what dragons achieve.

I found the militia to be over-rated more than over-powered but carbine cavalry are basically made of wet paper, giving them that extra range might help them survive. Though I agree with your sentiment about hakkapell because they were were overshadowed by late game caroleans.

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The German war carts have a rank of 16 and notice how someone like kaiserklein knows how to abuse that range from a distance, not for nothing is it top 1-2 in the world, the war carts are worth 300 as a resource, they cost 3 population, they resist body to body and also less mobile, since it has less speed and has greater volume so when it turns it seems to be a slower animation than that of the dragon so for all those disadvantages, no one would complain that it has 16 range but The carbine is worth 160 resources, it practically works as if it were a dragon, and the problem is that when you give more range to the units, you are altering the micromanagement of the units and make it easier to micromanage the units for those who have more scope

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I also think that the same in team games, the state militia looked stronger because it is easier to create mass there, for me it was not necessary to increase the cost of the unit the rest if I agree moderately.

The carbine is weak but the fact that they give it more range bothers me, I would have given the same if they gave it more life or damage.

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Carbine cavalry could already get 16 range in the 4th age with vet/guard upgrade they just made it so that they could 16 range in the 2nd age. I think it could be potentially strong in age 2 but it does require the investment of 2 cards and 500 resources to unlock and most civs have a ranged infantry unit that counters ranged cav in age 2. I think if it is too strong it could good to change it to be 12 range in age 2 and 14 range in age 3 with the vet upgrade where they can get countered by skirms.

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Considering usa auto loses in age2 against any determined cavalry attacker, carabine cavalry really needs the buff.

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The state militia nerfs were unecessary. They have higher hitpoints and speed than normal skirms but that’s balanced by much lower range and lower multiplier against HI. They’re not really viable until sending the range card, and there’s usually more important cards to be sending to maintain attacking momentum or to boom.
35 wood is equivalent to about 45 gold.