My Crazy Cuman Buff Idea

Give them free siege engineers, free ram upgrades, and free second-level onager upgrade. That way, they can have a huge power spike and have deadly siege right away in the early Imperial Age. This will also help them in POST IMP Wars, because at the very least they will have siege onagers with siege engineers. And will save on resources buying said upgrades.

If too strong? Which should they get for free with siege engineers? The Ram or the second-level onager upgrade?

This sounds broken. But remember, the Cumans don’t have stone walls. So, you should rush them long before they reach this stage in the game.

Edit: I have no idea how buff them really then for the early game. Maybe just make the second town center in feudal age one time for free.

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Cumans need help in the early game, not the late game


Ah. So, they good in the late then? Looking at their tech, it seem pretty trashy to me. Even worse than the Huns.

they have siege and paladins for late game options, as well as the ability to flood out hussars faster then any other civilization in the game.


I have no idea how buff them really then for the early game. Maybe just make the second town center in feudal age one time for free.

they probably shouldn’t have designed a civ around having two feudal abilities that are pretty much mutually exclusive.


Hey, at least this thread delivered: those ideas are, in fact, bloody crazy.

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Disagree. I think this is good design, because it should make Cumans viable on a multitude of maps and gives them more options. In closed maps, they should be able to utilize their second TC in Feudal Age, and on open maps, they should be able to utilize their Feudal Age siege. I say should, because their Feudal Age siege is too weak, which is why I think this is the main thing that needs to be buffed. For example, possibly they should get a discount on Siege Workshops, or maybe they could get access to Scorpions (with weaker stats if necessary) in the Feudal Age.


Free capped ram upgrade is fine but free siege ram or onager upgrade could push them into OP zone. Like others have mentioned, their late game is good. Early game they don’t have a real eco bonus. The 2-tc boom is very risky and only pays off against a few civs. Its this early game problem that needs to be addressed.
Something like rams cost -20% or start with +50 stone to help them get a tower along with 2-tc could be useful. The feudal tc build time should definitely be reduced.


The Cumans aren’t powerless in the late game. I think they should get a bonus for the early game. Castle technology “steppe husbandry” can be reduced to 50% and made a standard feature of the Cumans.

I have a crazier one (two):

  1. Feudal age second TC construction time: 270 s → 210 s, but construction rate cannot be helped by extra villagers.
  2. Destroyed TC refund full construction cost (except the first one probably).

I think the easiest way to buff cumans, especially in team game, is to buff steppe lancer, since you can be pocket, do a 2tc boom and go to castle age with a lot of farm eco and since SL costs mostly food you can mass a lot of them and that’s where they are suppossed to shine.
The palisade wall nerf was unnecesary i think though =(

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Make them able to build a TC and Rams another age earlier

Kipchaks are almost useless now.

SL are designed to be weak to archers so they aren’t really TG material.


Camels are weak against archers but they are useful in TG. In fact before nerf, indians were one of the best pocket civs in the game.
This is just an example that a unit not being good against archers doesn’t mean it’s not good in TG.

and how many other civs do you honestly see going camels in team games? yeah they work for Indians but their camels get bonus attack vs buildings, extra health, extra attack, and (Had) extra pierce armor.

Berebers go camels in team games too.
If Steppe Lancers were buffed, you could mix them with knight and it would make sense because all your units can hit at the same time, knight in the front and SL in the back.

The steppe lancers would get shredded by archers.

How about this, cavalry archers can be made in feudal age
It is balanced by their 34 second train time and the fact that they cost 60 gold and 40 wood, making it harder to get eco upgrades and go up to castle.