My Expectations post patch

That’s what’s up for debate. I do see your point, but I think a well designed and stable version of the game, which can slowly be explored more and more deeply also has its positives.
As I said before, cycling has the risk of making balance worse.

Where did he do that?
I’d be interested in reading his arguments. Normally I would agree that some kind of buff for HCs is a good idea.


i’m not sure how you can even believe this.
Goths ships don’t even have dry dock, so they are much slower to get into the fight.
meanwhile not only do Saracens and Berbers have those, but Saracens Galleys attack faster and Berbers ships move an additional 10% faster on top of that.
Indians are not even a Naval civ, but they get two upgrades that allow them to gather gold faster then goths do, which means less workers needed to maintain production, and again dry dock.
Mongols have the same issues Goths do.
Huns? how can you possibly think they have a better navy then any of the other 3 you listed? they like those 3 don’t have shipwright, but they also lack drydock. so they are literally inferior in every way.
the celtic navy lacks bracer, you got to be kidding me if you think they have a better navy.
as for Mayans - yeah but Mayans literally needed something beyond Eagles + Archers.

Malays only water nerf besides fishing ship cost is the harbor nerf, which was justified because people would literally just ring their island in harbors and practically repell any attack. they might need a slight buff for actual naval battles but other then that their fishing ships can literally provide unlimited food for a very small cost and the only thing they are missing is the Heavy Tatoh Ship, which isn’t seen all that often anyway.

I can hear Tatoh laugh in background.

I’m very optimistic, the August patch should release this week (tonight) if the devs follow the regular patch releasing dates. July patch was late.

And yet Huns have the second best winrate on islands. Although it might be because they are a popular civ, it shows what a good eco bonus can do.

or maybe they just decided they weren’t going to do a monthly patch for july and this was the next patch. i think it’s a bit much to expect a patch this soon after the last one.

My expectation = Where is the hotfix for the stuttering?!

Also, still random disconnects at least 1/3 of the games, ruining 4v4 team games experience.

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well this should be a given. i don’t even bother with mentioning bug fixes and the like because those are things i believe should automatically happen. they don’t even need mentioning or debate.

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ask and though shall receive.


I may like the idea of nerfing top water civs more than others in the forum. Imo now even Koreans (and maybe Portuguese) could be nerfed a bit in water. Plus a more relevant nerf to the meta civs. This is, however another specific topic we may open.


They have just finished and released the hot fix, so I don’t think that they had the time to make a new patch too.