My extensive list of bug/issue/suggestions report

Right, so I had this list as a notepad saved on my PC. Might as well share it if ever ever the dev team is allowed to work on AoE:DE some day. Secretly asking @CheeseOnToast whether there is any chance for this, or is it simply over and out for AoE:DE?


  • All findings are done in version 28529

[Game play]


  • During ranked game lobby, if you change your colour of your slot, the game will crash when someone tries to select the same colour.
  • Global bad Frame Rate, especially during large games with lots of units. This behaviour was not present in version 27374.
  • Global bad path finding for all units. This behaviour was somewhat present in version 27374, but compared to this version way less.
  • Collision of units seem non existent when grouped. Some units literally overlap, confusing the attacking unit because it cannot pick a target. Plus makes them extra vulnerable to splash damage, such as Catapults. This was not a problem in version 27374.
  • Often during game play, but not always, when you delete a unit a very small freeze/hic up is noticable. Unsure if this occurs when a unit dies.

UI & Control

  • In Windowed mode, restarting the game fully will never remember the window’s last position on your desktop.
  • Host/player ping is invisible in the lobby so connection details are unknown.
  • Box selection with mouse gets stuck when playing Windowed mode without full screen. This specifically occurs if you start box selection and scroll the view with the mouse. The box is now stuck, even if you let go of the mouse button.
  • Filters or Settings from Lobby or games reset for unknown reason. This happens mostly if you host a game yourself. When you exit the game, the lobby will enforce your mode as a filter.
  • Number of chat lines in the room is unnecessary small.
  • During actual game play, you cannot drag select text in chat in order to copy/paste.
  • During lobby, editor or any other text area, you cannot use Shift + arrow keys or CTRL + A to block select text. Mouse drag does work.
  • If another player joins a lobby, it will show the language of that player instead of the language I am playing in.
  • Ballista Tower icon should be have burning effect like all elite upgrades.
  • Armoured Elephant icon should have burning effect like all elite upgrades.

Map generation

  • Number of forest patches spawning on tiny, small and medium maps is too much. Creates very packed map and less space to build.
  • Often Berries, Stone or Gold mines spawn at bad locations, making them (partially) inaccessible. Like berries spawning half inside a forest patch or mines spawning amongst forest.
  • In team games, players are often isolated or surrounded by two enemy players. The starting locations most likely are not processed correctly.

[Scenario Editor]

  • When in Map, Terrain you cannot use the keyboard to quick highlight a choice. For example pressing F to go to Forest in the list.
  • When in the Players tab, pressing 1*8 to cycle through players doesn’t work any more. This works for the Units list though.
  • Resource field in the Players section is too small to display more than 4 digits. This has been an issue since AoE.
  • Strategies, City Plan don’t seem to do anything when testing them


Info UI & Tooltips

  • Heavy Cavalry is showing wrong value for armour. Says +1, should be +2 now.


Majority of these cover the heroes and therefore are questionable whether they should be fixed at all

  • Hero Tiberius does not benefit from any Storage Pit upgrades.
  • Hero Xerxes does not benefit from any Storage Pit upgrades.
  • Hero Jason does not benefit from any Storage Pit upgrades.
  • Lord Martek does not benefit from Infantry Armour or Pierce Armour upgrades.
  • Hero Perseus does not benefit from any upgrade.
  • Hero Xu Fu does not benefit from Archer Armour or Range upgrades.
  • Hero Odysseus does not benefit from Archer Armour or Range upgrades.
  • Stealth Archer does not benefit from Archer Armour or Range upgrades.
  • Flying Dutchman does not benefit from Engineering or Alchemy.
  • Prince Shotoku does not benefit from Alchemy upgrade.
  • Excluding the normal priest, none of the Priest units (hero or St Francis) benefit from Hoyohoyo cheat. This worked at least for St Francis in AoE, with the condition that he was pre-spawned.
  • Excluding St Francis and regular Priest, none of them benefit from Temple upgrades.
  • Big Bertha has smaller minimum range than the other catapults. If this is intentional, then leave it.
  • Flying Dutchman does not benefit from Engineering or Alchemy.
  • Medua does not benefit from HP bonus when researching Jihad.


  • Hero jason has wrong sprite, in AoE its sprite was unique.
  • Trireme should not have eyes, only Catapult Trireme and Juggernaught had this.
  • Armoured Elephant attack animation is showing wrong attack angle in certain angles.
  • War Elephant, Armoured Elephant, Hero Hannibal lack smooth idle animation. Looks choppy / low frame rate. Walking animation is fine.
  • All Sword man units have one attack animation in all angles, this used to be more in AoE.


  • Certain, if not all, sounds cut off when lots of units are fighting or attacking.
  • Somehow the Catapult has loudest select sound out of the three types. If Stone Thrower is softest, then the Heavy catapult should be loudest to make sense.
  • Medusa has old AoE sounds.
  • St Francis has old AoE sounds.
  • Camel select sound is quite loud and it sounds very angry when commanded to move.

[Improvement and suggestions]

The following improvements might add high value game play experience but it is highly subjective. The more players confirm the more “proven” the suggestion would become, I guess.

  • Overal UI is not scaling with the set resolution. It feels like 640x480 while this could be heavily improved. The 27374 version was not great, but at least it had more overview.
  • When browsing lobby, the Mode column does not make clear if it is a Random Map or Death Match. Perhaps add another column indicating what map type is played i.e: RM, DM, Scenario. Not all people put the mode in their lobby title.
  • The only way to discover someone’s rank is when playing a ranked game. Outside of that, it is guessing. I have no solution/suggestion at hand for this.
  • Grant hosts the ability to block Quick Joiners.
  • Grant players personal toggle option to make villagers go to work after completing an economy building such as a Granary, Storage Pit or Town Center. In particular beneficial for Death Match players to prevent villagers decide to chop forest when a player ‘pits’ near a gold or stone mine or collecting other things when finishing the Town Center.
  • Grant hosts to set passwords on their lobbies for private games. Invite only works for friends, but in Tournaments, this would be useful.

Hi @HelepolisAoE, I already have two separate topics for bug reports and feedback. I will look over the list above and add to the ones created before.