My forum account does not reflect my status as an Age of Empires Insider (HELP PLS)

Although I am an age insider, it doesn’t say age insider next to my name. What is the reason? :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:


i have the same issue

Hi @logikanana and @mpwuejgndat, Please submit a request on the support website,, to resolve this issue.

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^-- I can confirm, this changed mine to “Age Insider.” I prefer “[Age Insider] Age II: DE Beta” though, so I’m changing to that option.

i’ve tried what you suggested , but i couldn’t find the drop down menu below “Titre\Title”.
what do you suggest to do?

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Comment more around the forums, you need the Member role.

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Oh, I see, now it all makes sense, thanks for that, as I was having the same issue. :slight_smile:

The bottom half of that screen on ‘Account’ (compte) screen simply doesn’t exist for me. I have the email bit saying primary(principale). I do *not * have any Titre/Title section. I only have the Associated accounts (comptes associes?) bit there.

This solution is on the pinned known issues thread!

KNOWN ISSUES: Insider Forums


:round_pushpin: Missing Insider Flair & Age Insider Title

More Details…

Update (Aug 15 @ 10am PT): Fully logging-out of the forums, clearing your cache/cookies, and logging back in has resolved this issue for most users.

I don’t want to clear my cookies etc right now but this may work!

Isnt everyone on the forum an insider

No. Separate registration.


We will be able to use the aoe 4 closed beta even if age insider is not written next to our name, right?

because i am appearing as an insider on the age of empires site and i have given all the information i need for beta

The insider badge is just another confirmation that the Microsoft Account you are signed into is the same one used to register as an insider. If you login to your insider profile and see the same Microsoft Account email address as you use to login to the forums you are good to go.

The team can grant you the forum insider badge if it’s not granting it to you automatically. Submit a request to them at


You guys need to have the member badge here
Did you do the bot tutorials?

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I guess I didn’t.

how can I do it

Go to your messages and look for the disco bot one. Just reply to his instructions

only this message is in my inbox

Have same issue here. Relogged everything and tried deleting cookies / browser history as the support said but still no change.


I completed all the information.