My Guide for AoE III tactics and strategies

I literally enjoy this constructive rts you can play it again and again testing different strategies and tactis whether its your economy, navy or military!!!
Combat is an essential part of winning any rts and becoming a world conqueror or in case of AoE complete colonization.
Well the concept of control groups is very intreseting you feel like an General, Staff Officer in a simulation. Control groups are like commands where you can select a sheer volume of troops at press of a single button and pass on your orders. You can create various divisions, platoons, command, company just like in the actual world where troops are orgainized as e.g. First army, Third army or I corps, IV corps etc.
I experiment with diverse patterns of control groups here is my one of my usual pattern;-

  1. Create 4 to 5 control groups
  2. First control group for mixed regular and skrimissher infantry or you can also include mecenary shooting infantry within it.
  3. Second control group must be of cavalary you can both include melee or ranged cavlary but i prefer creating ranged cavalry only for less casulities and for its greater strenght against enemy cavalary. You can also include mecenary cavalary in this group which musy be ranged one with a pop limit of 2 or 3.
  4. Create a third control that is my faviorte command artillery. Create a control group of Culverin artillery only due to its longest range, and greater speed as compared to bombard artillery which can’t lay seige on advancing enemy units!!!
  5. Create a fourth and optional command of mecenaries only. It’s your choice to whether to have a seperate mecenary command or to have no mecenaries at all because it can be too much to handle and can be boring sometimes whenever you play AoE III.
  6. The fifth command must be of your explorer only which is very important. Because his job is to explore the map and collect treasures if you like.
  7. Editing again for 7th point you can also create seprate control groups for a large batch of citizens so that whenever you need to clear forests, mines for expansion, you can all call them off for work with a press of a single button and later assign them to their preivous task with a press of a single button.
    You can try your own mix based on your preferences/prejuidces not a hard fast rule after all you can try whatever your like

While combatting i always love to keep my artillery command on the front. I mostly keep this command consisting of 10 to 20 batteries of Culverin artillery. I love this artillery due to its long range, which can hunt down even an enemy artillery without even getting spotted!!! The rest of commands (whether its consist of infantry, cavalry, mecenary or only one of them). I just placed it on backsides of the artillery for its cover in a vertical formation. So whenever enemy tries to charge espically with cavalries and hallbrieders. They are first crushed by sheer volume of shells, then the sheer volume of bullets and even my cavalry charge.

Every time i play AoE III i came up with different ideas regarding creating different commands/control groups. Cavalry is a strongest that if you have very well off economy you do not need to rely on and create infantry units at all. I had created one of the craziest and only two commands based on cavalry units only. First one was of ranged cavalary and 10 horse artillery units and second one was based on melee cavalary. With these commands in action I had wiped, crushed out opponents in matter of few seconds!!!

Mecenaries, spies and monks are very intreseting units in a game given a particular scenario. Mecenaries fought wars alongside your regular military!!! Mecenaries as a seperate command can be used for speical guriellla or ambush attacks!!! Mecenaries somehow are expensive requires only lots of wealth and a expensive pop limit which can be upto 7 to 8. Spies are used for counterintellengice mission against mecenaries and enemy spies. Spies has ability to hide themselves for infilitrating enemy settlemnets and hideouts!!! Although spies for me are still boring to use because there is no need for them after having so many varitey of units. You can also gather wealth from your planatations so much so that you can able to research a special topic at capitol building so that you can explored the entire map leaving no or less need for spies only for special ocassions.

Reently I had experimented a strategy, tactic which i recoomend to try it out!!! Place one barrack + one stable + one artillery foundary + saloon + market + one arsenel in a one control group or a command. Upon a press of button you can select all of these infastructures. Then you can sub-select each infastructure for reinforcements, mecenaries, trading resources and military improvement upgrades!!! Although there is no or very less need for researches because I play at a lastest age that is ‘post-colonial’ because there is not much difference in age advancemnt as compared to Rise of Nations, the units remain the same with exception of infastructure!!!

So have your fun with tactics and strategies in AoE III as it also goes same for the rest of AoE franchise I played only AoE III and its expansions packs the latest one is AoE III;- Asian Dynasties. You can also discuss your ideas about the topic or about AoE in the comment section below.

Bit late, but welcome nonetheless :slight_smile: